A grand scale space opera about family, sacrifice, and survival told within an immense universe, both in scope and originality.

The Metabarons #1 : The Stonecutters

The Metabarons  #1 : The Stonecutters

Dec 2001
32 pages - Color
EAN 9780967240145


In this format:
17 volumes released - ongoing series

Alejandro Jodorowsky (Writer)
Juan Gimenez (Collaboration)

In an effort to help fans and retailers sample this series, Humanoids Publishing offers this second printing of the first issue, which serves as a fantastic jumping-on point for discovering this line of ultimate warriros. Have you been meaning to check it out, but been unable to find the first issue? Here is your chance to find out why Metabarons is considered on of the finest comics being published today by many fans and creators. Logo color and some interior extras changed from the first printing.