A Western tale turned on its ear and filled with strange characters and surreal situations.

Writer : Alexandro Jodorowsky
Art : Francois Boucq

publication in 7 volumes
completed series

From what could only have originated from the mind of "El Topo" director, and "The Metabarons" author, Alexandro Jodorowsky, "Bouncer" follows the adventures of a one armed gunslinger and sometimes saloon bouncer in the Wild West’s most notorious town. Drawn by acclaimed artist François Boucq in a gritty and realistic style.

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List of editions

Bouncer - Hardcover Trade : The One Armed Gunslinger

Bouncer - Hardcover Trade : The One Armed Gunslinger

Aug 2011
Collection : Humanoids Inc.
Edition : Hardcover Trade
176 pages - 7.9 x 10.8 inches - Color
EAN 9781594650079
$29.95 - £17.99

out of print

In this format :
2 volumes released - independent stories

Alexandro Jodorowsky (Writer)
Francois Boucq (Art)

Edition includes Books 3 through 5 of the series.

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