An old-fashioned yet truly original noir tale set in 1920s New York where an unlikely pair of detectives pursue a mysterious killer.

Writer : Denis-Pierre Filippi
Art : Patrick Laumond

1 volume released
independent stories

Freshly returned from WWI, ex-detective John Lord is convinced to reactivate a special investigative agency known as the UPIs to probe the grisly death of its founder. As John is joined by Clara, an opinionated psychology student, the duo is taken on a wild ride from the Big Apple to Louisiana's Bayou Country.
A pulpy tale of crime, full of snappy dialogue, twists and turns, and the unraveling mysteries of the past.

List of editions

John Lord - Softcover Trade

John Lord - Softcover Trade

Aug 2011
Collection : Humanoids Inc.
Softcover Trade
168 pages - 7.5 x 10.2 in - Color
EAN 9781594651830
$19.95 - £11.99

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