The adventures of a young John Difool before he became the most famous Sci-Fi anti-hero.

Writer : Alexandro Jodorowsky
Art : Zoran Janjetov
Cover artist : Moebius

2 volumes released
independent stories

Alexandro Jodorowsky ("The Metabarons") and artist Zoran Janjetov, with the help of Fred Beltran ("Megalex") on colors, take us way back to the youth of the notorious Class "R" private investigator. We are instantly plunged back into the unique atmosphere of the world of "The Incal," as we witness John Difool's search for his identity and his origins, his first meeting with Deepo, and the appearance of many of the series' key characters, such as the Metabaron or Diavaloo.

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Before The Incal - Oversized Deluxe Edition

Before The Incal - Oversized Deluxe Edition

Jan 2012
Collection : Humanoids Inc.
Edition : Oversized Deluxe Edition
304 pages - 9.4 x 12.6 inches - Color
EAN 9781594650666

out of print

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1 volume released - independent stories

Alexandro Jodorowsky (Writer)
Zoran Janjetov (Art)

Compiled for the first time into a single volume and presented in the deluxe limited and numbered collector’s edition with slipcase.

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