Nicolas De Crécy's unique work of surrealism and fantasy, starring one lonely seal pup lost in a vast and corrupt metropolis.

Writer : Nicolas de Crécy
Art : Nicolas de Crécy

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The Devil is everywhere in New York-on-the-Seine. But the arrival of Diego the Seal in this sinister and soulless port may just change that. There, Diego is courted by the upper echelons of the city, who want to groom him for the Nobel Prize of Love.

Eisner-nominated creator Nicolas De Crécy ("Foligatto," NBM's "Salvatore") has created here a totally original world, rich in absurdist humor, and presented in a beautiful tumult of painted colors.

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The Celestial Bibendum - Oversized Deluxe

The Celestial Bibendum - Oversized Deluxe

Apr 2012
Collection : Humanoids Inc.
Oversized Deluxe
200 pages - 9.4 x 12.6 in - Color
Presented in Humanoids Deluxe treatment: limited and numbered edition of only 550 copies.
EAN 9781594650611
$69.95 - £44.99