The Sci-Fi masterpiece by Moebius and Jodorowsky about the tribulations of the shabby detective John Difool as he searches for the precious and coveted Incal.

Scénario : Alexandro Jodorowsky
Dessin : Jean Giraud, Zoran Janjetov, Moebius
Couverture : Jos, Jean Giraud
Couleurs : Val

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John Difool, a low-class detective in a degenerate dystopian world, finds his life turned upside down when he discovers an ancient, mystical artifact called "The Incal." Difool’s adventures will bring him into conflict with the galaxy’s greatest warrior, the Metabaron, and will pit him against the awesome powers of the Technopope. These encounters and many more make up a tale of comic and cosmic proportions that has Difool fighting for not only his very survival, but also the survival of the entire universe.

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The Incal Classic Collection - Coffee Table Book V1 : The Black Incal

The Incal Classic Collection - Coffee Table Book V1 : The Black Incal

Jan 2013
Collection : Humanoids Inc.
Édition : Coffee Table Book
48 pages - 12 x 16 cm - Couleur
EAN 9781594650291
$79.95 - £44.99

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6 volumes parus - histoires indépendantes

Alexandro Jodorowsky (Scénario)
Moebius (Dessin)

Published in its original colors and in the deluxe, limited & numbered (here 999 copies only), super-oversized (12 x 16 inches) format.

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