Seminal works from one of the medium's most revered masters, Jean "Moebius" Giraud.

Writer : Moebius
Art : Moebius

2 volumes released
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During the 1970s, Jean Giraud, known under the cartoonist name "Gir," decided to create for himself another artistic personality. Having up until then only illustrated a classic western story ("Blueberry"), he decided to use a new pen name, Moebius, to explore different styles and forms of comic book art as influenced by American underground art and the counter-culture wave. In the process, he revolutionized modern French graphic novels.

Co-founder of "Métal Hurlant" magazine and of the publishing house Les Humanoïdes Associés, Moebius reinvented the aesthetics of science fiction comics. With stories such as "Arzach," or "The Airtight Garage," among many others, Moebius’s work has and continues to have a worldwide impact on pop culture.

List of editions

Moebius Oeuvres : Le Garage hermétique - Coffee Table Book (Limited)

Moebius Oeuvres : Le Garage hermétique - Coffee Table Book (Limited)

Mar 2013
Collection : Humanoids Inc.
Coffee Table Book (Limited)
120 pages - 12 x 16 in - Black and white
EAN 9782731652253

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Moebius (Story & art)

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