Exterminator 17 : Exterminator 17 - Hardcover Trade

Exterminator 17 : Exterminator 17 - Hardcover Trade

May 2002
Hardcover Trade
66 pages - Color
EAN 9781930652507


Jean-Pierre Dionnet (Writer)
Enki Bilal (Art)
Dan Brown (Colorist)

Nikopol Trilogy artist, Enki Bilal, teams with world-renowned writer Jean-Pierre Dionnet to create a unique science fiction adventure. For generations, warrior robots called, "Exterminators", have fought in deadly environments across the galaxy. When the soul of the man who created the Exterminators is transferred into one of his killing machines, a series of events is set into motion that will lead to the liberation of his creations from their human masters. Exterminator 17 will mark the first time that Humanoids Publishing will follow a graphic album with a comic series. Fans of Bilal should also take note that Exterminator 17 features a master re-coloring by comics veteran Dan Brown.