A Sword and Sorcery story about the redemptive journey of a once cruel king to reclaim his identity.

Writer : Sylviane Corgiat
Art : Corrado Mastantuono

2 volumes released
independent stories



Fallen king Elias is on a quest to reclaim the face that was stolen from him by the mighty sorcerer Melchior. With the help of an unlikely gang, of all fantastical shapes and sizes, and amidst magic both good and evil, Elias The Cursed will attempt to save his face, and perhaps his soul.

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Elias The Cursed - Hardcover Trade

Elias The Cursed - Hardcover Trade

Apr 2016
Collection : Legacy
Hardcover Trade
169 pages - 7.9 x 10.8 in - Color
EAN 9781594651410
$24.95 - £16.99

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1 volume released - independent stories

Sylviane Corgiat (Writer)
Corrado Mastantuono (Art)

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