The fun-filled and extraordinary adventures of Brüssli, half-boy half-dragon.

Writer : J-L Fonteneau
Art : J. Etienne

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Beak-faced Brussli is bullied by the village children. Curious about his true origins, the dauntless “Dragon Boy,” sets off on a quest of adventure and discovery. What he finds, however, turns his world upside down and puts him face-to-face with a unique cast of fantastical fairies, talking rabbits, wily wolves, battle-hardened nuns, demonic beings, and much much more, in this hysterical and heartwarming comedy adventure.

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Brussli - Way of the Dragon Boy #2 : The Warrior - Digital Comic

Brussli - Way of the Dragon Boy #2 : The Warrior - Digital Comic

Aug 2016
Collection : Legacy
Digital Comic
52 pages - Color
EAN 9781594658716

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publication in 3 volumes - completed work

J-L Fonteneau (Writer)
J. Etienne (Art)

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