The grounded Sci-Fi tale of two polar opposites who are forced to unite to survive in a violent post-cataclysmic world.

Writer : Mathieu Masmondet
Art : Zhang Xiaoyu

1 volume released
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An ancient highway spans the wasteland. Its cracked surface has become a migratory route for the lawless hunters and marauders who inhabit this desolate, future Earth. Along the highway, Helene, an educated young woman on a perilous mission to rescue her sister, meets Mo, a solitary hunter, and Jin, an Asian warrior. Together they embark on an epic journey to a Paris in ruins, where a new social “order” is being forged…

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List of editions

Savage Highway - Hardcover Trade

Savage Highway - Hardcover Trade

Apr 2017
Collection : Legacy
Hardcover Trade
168 pages - 7.9 x 10.8 in - Color
EAN 9781594656606
$24.95 - £19.99