Based on Robert Silverberg's bestselling Sci-Fi novel about the effects of colonialism and the quest for transcendence.

Art : Laura Zuccheri
Original work : Robert Silverberg
Writer : Philippe Thirault

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Ex-lieutenant Eddie Gundersen returns to Belzagor, where he had left behind his youthful illusions, the love of his life and his shameful past as a colonizer. He finds the planet returned to its two intelligent species: the Nildoror and the Sulidoror. Taking the lead on a scientific expedition to the borders of the indigenous lands, Gundersen must face his own demons and settle the score with a planet which still has hidden secrets.

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List of editions

Downward to the Earth - Oversized Deluxe

Downward to the Earth - Oversized Deluxe

Feb 2018
Collection : Legacy
Oversized Deluxe
108 pages - 9.4 x 12.6 in - Color
EAN 9781594657788
$29.95 - £22.99

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Laura Zuccheri (Art)
Robert Silverberg (Original work)
Philippe Thirault (Writer)

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