This spooky - yet sensitive - trilogy reveals that, on Halloween, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Writer : Olivier Boiscommun, Denis-Pierre Filippi
Art : Olivier Boiscommun

1 volume released
independent stories

In Halloween, immerse yourself in the great book of the night. And if, at a street corner, you meet a ghost, take a walk with him. You may just recognize him — and if melancholy torments you — he could be the one to make you smile again.

Then, in The Story of Joe, a solitary boy finds refuge with the creatures of the night. But consumed by his imagination, he loses touch with reality and undergoes a strange transformation…

Finally, in The Book of Jack, braving a haunted house, young Jack discovers a mysterious book, a book that tells the story of his life. But what dark twists could others write into the blank pages that remain?

Follow these young characters in stories that span from the dusk of childhood to the dawn of adolescence, as they explore the darkness and light in us all.

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Halloween Tales - Hardcover Trade

Halloween Tales - Hardcover Trade

Sep 2017
Collection : Legacy
Hardcover Trade
156 pages - 7.9 x 10.8 in - Color
EAN 9781594656545
$24.95 - £20.99