Colonialism and war disrupted the lives of millions of Vietnamese people during the 20th century. These are their stories.

Writer : Clément Baloup, Pierre Daum
Art : Clément Baloup

slice of life
1 volume released
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Clement Baloup intimately traces the paths of those who went to great lengths to seek asylum in unfamiliar lands, and against all odds, established prosperous communities rooted in the colorful culture and experiences of their past, while fostering a future unhindered by the political and personal turmoil that haunts their pasts.

List of editions

Vietnamese Memories #1 : Leaving Saigon - Softcover Trade

Vietnamese Memories #1 : Leaving Saigon - Softcover Trade

May 29, 2018
Collection : Life Drawn
Softcover Trade
164 pages - 7.6 x 10.2 in - Color
EAN 9781594656583
$19.95 - £14.99