Upcoming releases (1)

    June 2015

  • ChildOfTheStorm_130x100

    Child of the Storm - Hardcover Trade

    Manuel Bichebois (Writer)  -  Didier Poli (Art)  -  Giulio Zeloni (Art)

    Orphaned by lightning. Possessor of an unimaginable strength. Destined for legendary feats. He is the Child of the Storm. Fear the tempest.

  • Redhand-Twilight-of-the-Gods_130x100

    Redhand - Oversized Deluxe Edition : Twilight of the Gods

    Kurt Busiek (Writer)  -  Mario Alberti (Art)  -  Sam Timel (Writer)  -  Bazal (Art)

    A powerful and enthralling sci-fi epic about a perfect warrior unleashed in an age of barbarism and sorcery, and fated to one day destroy the gods.

  • July 2015

  • TheLastOnes_130x100

    The Last Ones - Hardcover Trade

    David Muñoz (Writer)  -  Manuel Garcia (Art)  -  Michael Lark (Cover artist)  -  Javi Montes (Colorist)

    A post-apocalyptic road movie tale where Earth has been turned into a vampires' hunting ground.

  • Miss_130x100

    Miss: Better Living Through Crime - Hardcover Trade

    Philippe Thirault (Writer)  -  Marc Riou (Art)  -  Mark Vigouroux (Art)

    The tale of two unlikely partners in crime set in New York City's “Roaring Twenties."