A non-stop Steampunk thrill ride featuring giant robots and set in Victorian London.

Writer : Jason Henderson, Tony Salvaggio, Izu
Art : Jean-Baptiste Hostache

1 volume released
independent stories

London, 1899. A series of mysterious deaths on the shipping docks have an ex-Scotland Yard officer on the hunt for clues. What he uncovers is a war between a huge corporation and a renegade group of individuals, with both parties fighting for a powerful new energy source.
A cross-Atlantic collaboration between American authors Jason Henderson and Tony Salvaggio, and French illustrator Jean-Baptiste Hostache.

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List of editions

Clockwerx - Slightly Oversized

Clockwerx - Slightly Oversized

Jun 2013
Collection : Legacy
Slightly Oversized
112 pages - 8.5 x 11.1 in - Color
Features a "making-of" art section.
EAN 9781594650390
$29.95 - £17.99

out of print

In this format:
1 volume released - independent stories

Jason Henderson (Writer)
Tony Salvaggio (Writer)
Jean-Baptiste Hostache (Art)
Izu (Writer)

Clockwerx is a non-stop Steampunk thrill ride as captivatingly drawn as it is written.

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