An epic tale where history blends with fantasy to explosive and cinematic results.

Writer : Izu, Alex Nikolavitch
Art : Zhang Xiaoyu

1 volume released
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1219: The Fifth Crusade. The Army of Crusaders attempts to seize the port of Damietta, in the hope of reaching Jerusalem by passing through Egypt. Victory is near, until the Christian army is decimated by a mysterious plague… At least that is what they are led to believe…

An all new take on the time of the Crusades brought to you by top European writing talent and promising new Chinese artistic voice, Zhang Xiaoyu.

List of editions

Crusades #1 : The Silver-Eyed Specter - Digital Comic

Crusades #1 : The Silver-Eyed Specter - Digital Comic

Mar 2014
Collection : Legacy
Digital Comic
141 pages - Color
EAN 9781594654169

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publication in 3 volumes - completed series

Izu (Writer)
Alex Nikolavitch (Writer)
Zhang Xiaoyu (Art)

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