A supernatural take on World War II espionage featuring a girl with the ability to possess other bodies.

Art : John Cassaday
Writer : Fabien Nury
Colorist : Laura Martin

1 volume released
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Europe, December 1942. The global conflict has reached a fever pitch. The Nazis are at the height of their power, but the Allies have had their first victories both in Stalingrad and in the Pacific. Never has the war’s outcome been so much in doubt. Amidst this chaos, the destinies of several men will cross through a project code named "Legion," which consists of a series of horrific tests that a young Romanian girl with apparent supernatural abilities must undergo. Her 'skills,' if fully exploited by the Nazis, would give them unimaginable power…

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I Am Legion #1 : The Dancing Faun - Digital Comic

I Am Legion #1 : The Dancing Faun - Digital Comic

Mar 2014
Collection : Legacy
Digital Comic
58 pages - Color
EAN 9781594655289

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publication in 3 volumes - completed series

John Cassaday (Art)
Fabien Nury (Writer)
Laura Martin (Colorist)