The charming and humorous adventures of a handsome Parisian novelist, as recounted with a uniquely European sensibility.

Writer : Philippe Dupuy, Charles Berberian
Art : Philippe Dupuy, Charles Berberian

slice of life
2 volumes released
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Monsieur Jean is a young writer whose everyday life and its inescapable existential woes are comedically told by the talented team of Dupuy & Berberian, winners of the 2008 Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême. Whether it’s the unexpected visit of an old friend, a trip to his in-laws, the arrival of a child, the frustrations of writer’s block, or even dealing with his moody landlady, Monsieur Jean’s life and times all share a tenderness and a dash of irony.

A series full of the nostalgia and droll absurdity that invariably come with adulthood.

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Monsieur Jean : From Bachelor to Father - Hardcover Trade

Monsieur Jean : From Bachelor to Father - Hardcover Trade

Dec 2014
Collection : Humanoids Inc.
Hardcover Trade
264 pages - 7.9 x 10.8 in - Color
Edition includes the first 5 volumes of the series, as well as a brand new afterword.
EAN 9781594651007
$34.95 - £22.99