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The colorful and poetic journey of a little girl who discovers a parallel world at the heart of the industrial metropolis she lives in.

Writer : Pierre Wazem
Art : Frederik Peeters
Colorist : Albertine Ralenti

2 volumes released
independent stories



Addidas is a bright and quirky young girl who spends most of her time helping her widowed father in his job as a chimney sweep. When Addidas ventures too far into a chimney, she encounters a bizarre new friend and in the process destabilizes a long-established system.
From prolific independent European creators Wazem and Peeters comes a touching and existential story that balances its fantastical elements with poignant and realistic themes.

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Koma #1 : The Voice of Chimneys - Digital Comic

Koma #1 : The Voice of Chimneys - Digital Comic

Mar 2014
Collection : Legacy
Digital Comic
48 pages - Color
EAN 9781594654190

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publication in 6 volumes - completed series

Pierre Wazem (Writer)
Frederik Peeters (Art)
Albertine Ralenti (Colorist)