A Sci-Fi saga set in the “Retro Worlds” universe created by Julia Verlanger, one of the most celebrated French science fiction authors of the 1970s.

Writer : Corbeyran
Art : Jorge Miguel
Original work : Julia Verlanger

1 volume released
independent stories

“Outcast!” The sentence is handed down as the iron brand burns Kolhen’s arm. Now, instead of his warrior tattoo, the young man wears the mark of the rejected, the “outcasts” as they are known on the planet Orion-XB12557. Determined to prove his innocence and to get revenge on those who framed him, Kolhen escapes captivity with the help of the fiery Tryana, another of society’s pariahs. On his quest, Kolhen meets a mysterious woman with golden hair, who’s armed with strange and powerful weaponry, and who claims to be an envoy from another planet: Earth.

List of editions

Orion’s Outcasts #1 - Digital Comic

Orion’s Outcasts #1 - Digital Comic

Nov 2017
Collection : Legacy
Digital Comic
48 pages - Color
EAN 9781594658976

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In this format:
publication in 2 volumes - completed work

Corbeyran (Writer)
Jorge Miguel (Art)
Julia Verlanger (Original work)

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