Jerry Frissen ( writer )

Biography :

Born Thierry Frissen on a mysterious day and date in Brussels, Belgium.


A graphic designer by trade, Thierry tired of his native Belgium and escaped to the United States at the turn of millennium, where he quickly adopts the Americanized name of Jerry. In the following years, he pursued various professions with varying degrees of success, notably a short stint as an amateur wrestler, before meeting Fabrice Giger, publisher of Les Humanoides Associes, and also newly immigrated to Los Angeles.  Jerry subsequently took over the design department of the US branch of Humanoids. Immersed in the world of comics, he shortly thereafter found a knack at writing comedy and teamed up with Guy Davis on “The Zombies That Ate the World.” This title led to further comic book writing, namely the creation of the “Lucha Libre” universe, a collection of separate series all within the world of Mexican wrestling, and each in collaboration with different artists, such as the trio of Bill, Gobi, and Fabien M, as well as Witko, and Tanquerelle.


Out of this universe also emerged a series of highly stylized toys based on the comic book characters, and created under the banner of the company Muttpop. 

Books published by Humanoids Inc :

Lucha Libre

The Zombies That Ate The World

Metal Hurlant Collection

The Tikitis

Unfabulous Five

The Zombies that Ate the World

The Z Word

The Metabaron