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Monday, December 20, 2004


Discover the lineage of a character first created by Jodorowsky and Moebius in the science fiction epic, THE INCAL, as the history of the warrior clan known as the Metabarons unfolds. Each generation of the ultimate bloodline of warriors must struggle to continue the traditions of their heritage and to overcome the forces amassed against them as they fight against a universe corrupted by greed, power and terror. THE METABARONS - Vol. 1 - OTHON AND HONORATA tells the story of Othon Von Salza, the first Metabaron, as he loses his family and his world in a series of tragedies that lead to the creation of the Metabaron clan. Told through a stunning mix of action, drama, and lavish artwork, this book is a perfect introduction to one of the most unique stories in comics today.

Writer Alexandro Jodorowsky, co-creator of THE TECHNOPRIESTS and THE INCAL, and writer/ director of the cult films SANTA SANGRE, EL TOPO and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, collaborates with artist Juan Gimenez to tell the story of the greatest warrior clan the universe has ever known.

“What keeps me going back to THE METABARONS is the immense volume and speed of its innovation. There is literally a new and mad idea on every page” - Warren Ellis, Writer GLOBAL FREQUENCY, PLANETARY, THE AUTHORITY.

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Book 1

Available in the series!
The Metabarons #1: Othon & Honorata
The Metabarons #2: Aghnar & Oda
The Metabarons #3: Steelhead & Dona Vicenta - In Stores May 11, 2005

The Bilal Library

Friday, December 17, 2004


The Bilal Library Collection

- The Nikopol Trilogy - by Bilal
[i]This critically acclaimed collection follows the incredible journey of Alcide Nikopol in the company of the vengeful god Horus of Hierakonopolis and Jill Bioskop, a mysterious woman with blue hair, from Paris to Berlin, Cairo to Equator City. The tale is a unique mix of science fiction, anxiety, humor, and strangeness from Europe's premier comics creator, Enki Bilal.

This volume presents The Carnival of Immortals, The Woman Trap, and Equator Cold, three of Europe's best-selling graphic novels of all time. [/i]

Review @

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- Townscapes - by Christin & Bilal
In this trilogy consisting of THE CRUISE OF LOST SOULS, SHIP OF STONE and THE TOWN THAT DIDN'T EXIST, Bilal collaborates with Pierre Christin to tell three tales of modern day towns caught up in fantastic circumstances.

- - The Cruise of Lost Souls - The tale of a mysterious military device and its surprising effects on a remote farming town. Each story presents a timeless tale set in the trappings of the present, with a yearning towards the fables of yesterday

- - Ship of Stone - The story of a fishing village and a local ghost as they confront a group of unscrupulous property developers.

Review @ The Ninth Art

- - The Town That Didn't Exist - A small town fallen on hard times is revitalized by the unusual vision of an insightful young woman.

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- The Beast Trilogy - by Bilal
Bilal's best-selling THE BEAST TRILOGY is an international phenomenon, with its second chapter ranking as France's #1 book for the summer of 2003. Now, the first two chapters of this stunning work about a man with a perfect memory come to the U.S.!

Review from

- - The Dormant Beast Pt. 1 & 2
Review from Breakdowns collum
Review from Comics One
Review from Remote Induction

- - December 32nd

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-The Chaos Effect by Christin & Bilal

A new collection by "Townscapes" collaborators containting "The Black Order Brigade" and "The Hunting Party."

- - The Black Order Brigade - An old terrorist group resurfaces with a series of bombings. It's up to the spies who thought they had destroyed the organization to come out of retirement and put a stop to the terrorists' bloody agenda once and for all.

Review from by Warren Ellis

- - The Hunting Party - A hunting accident among a gathering of Russia's key political figures leads to political turmoil, but is it really an accident or is it murder?
Review from by Warren Ellis

Preview Pages

- Memories
Humanoids Publishing is proud to present this collection of Enki Bilal's short stories. Taken from the years 1974-1977, these science fiction stories are taken from the beginning of this great artist's career, and show a very interesting evolution in his style. Memories contains eight stories all written and illustrated by Bilal.

Review from
Review from The Observer

Available Now!!

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Enki Bilal: A Journey to the End of Time -
Interview by Jasmina Sopova, UNESCO Courier journalist.


ANGOULÊME Nominees Announced

Friday, December 17, 2004


Nominees for this year's "Prix d'Angoulême" awards (formerly the "Alph-Art" awards) were announced today at a press conference, Gilles Laborderie reports via his online journal. Nominees are as follows:

Prix du Meilleur Album (Best Album)
- "Panorama de l'enfer" by Hideshi Hino
- "Louis Riel" by Chester Brown
- "Une tragédie américaine" by Kim Deitch
- "Lupus" Vol. 2 by Frederik Peeters
- "L'homme sans talent" by Yoshiharu Tsuge
- "Mariée par correspondance" by Mark Kalesniko
- "Poulet aux prunes" by Marjane Satrapi

Prix du Meilleur Scénario (Best Story)
- "Y le dernier homme" by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra
- "Comme des lapins" by Ralf König
- "Le Marquis d'Anaon" Vol. 3 by Fabien Vehlmann & Matthieu Bonhomme
- "Summer of love" by Debbie Drechsler
- "Le tour de valse" by Denis Lapière & Ruben Pellejero
- "Clichés Beyrouth 1990" by Bruno, Sylvain Ricard & Christophe Gaultier (Les Huamnoides Associes)
- "Le sang des Valentines" by Catel & Christian De Metter

Prix du Meilleur Dessin (Best Artwork)
- "Le sommet des dieux" by Baku Yumemakura & Jiro Taniguchi
- "Donjon Monster" Vol. 9 by Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar et Killofer
- "D-Day, le jour du dèsastre" Vol. 1 by David Brin & Scott Hampton (Les Huamnoides Associes)
- "L'enragè" Vol. 1 by Baru
- "Wolverine Snikt!" by Tsutomu Nihei
- "La malle Sanderson" by Jean Claude Götting
- "Smart Monkey" by Winschluss

Prix du Meilleur Premier Album (Best First Album)
- "Blankets" by Craig Thompson
- "L'immeuble d'en face" by Vanyda
- "Extrême Orient" Vol. 1 by Frank Bourgeron
- "Love my life" by Yamaji
- "Same difference" by Derek Kirk Kim
- "Trois éclats blancs" by Bruno LeFloc'h
- "De mal en pis" by Alex Robinson

Prix de la Meilleure Série (Best Series)
- "Coq de combat" by Izo Hashimoto & Akio Tanaka
- "Hubert, un privé à la cambrousse" by Bruno Heitz
- "Daredevil" by Michael Brian Bendis & Alexander Maleev
- "Le cri du peuple" by Jean Vautrin & Jacques Tardi
- "Buddy Longway" by Derib
- "Universal War One" by Denis Bajram
- "Les formidables aventures de Lapinot" by Lewis Trondheim

Prix du Patrimoine de la Bande Dessinée (Best Historical Reprint)
-"Les mythes de Cthulhu" by Lovecraft, Brucaglia & Breccia
-"Gen d'Hiroshima" by Keiji Nakazawa
-"Mystérieuse matin, midi et soir" by Jean-Claude Forest
-"Félix, l'intégrale" by Maurice Tilieux
-"Le Concombre masqué" by Mandryka
-"Spiderman, l'intégrale 1969" by Stan Lee, John Romita & Steve Buscema
-"Ragnar" by Jean Ollivier & Eduardo Coelho

Award winners, including the 2005 Grand Prix winner, will be announced at this year's Festival International de la Bande Dessinée. The FIBD runs January 27 through 30 in Angoulême, France.
INFO: Festival International de la Bande Dessinée
posted by Egon #1 on Thursday, December 02, 2004


Wednesday, December 15, 2004


THE INCAL: THE EPIC CONSPIRACY begins one of comics' greatest masterpieces illustrated by Moebius and written by Alexandro Jodorowsky. Together they present the classic adventure of sci-fi detective John Difool, a low class detective in a corrupt world. He finds his life turned upside down when he discovers an ancient artifact called, “The Incal.” Difool's adventures bring him into conflict with the galaxy's greatest warrior, the Metabaron and pit him against the awesome powers of the Technopope. These encounters and many more make up a tale of comical and cosmic proportions that has Difool fighting for not only his very survival, but also the survival of the entire universe.

During his previous stand-alone adventures in THE INCAL: ORPHAN OF THE CITY SHAFT, and THE INCAL: JOHN DIFOOL, CLASS "R" DETECTIVE, John thought he had seen it all. He was so very wrong...

Moebius, the internationally acclaimed illustrator of countless graphic novels and film designer for ALIEN, THE ABYSS and THE FIFTH ELEMENT, first influenced a generation with THE INCAL. In this beautifully re-colored collection, he collaborates with writer Alexandro Jodorowsky, co-creator of THE TECHNOPRIESTS and THE METABARONS and writer/director of the famous cult films EL TOPO, SANTA SANGRE and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN.

"It's quite simply one of the most perfect comics ever conceived."

Click Here for a wonderful review from!

More Reviews:

[b]THE INCAL: The Epic Conspiracy -In Stores Now!!

Under the Skin: An interview with Jerry Frissen and Guy Davis

Thursday, December 9, 2004


Humanoids: What is the premise of "The Zombies That Ate The World?"

JERRY FRISSEN: In Los Angeles. 2064, the world has changed. The dead are rising from their graves. Corpses walk upon the earth. Unable to deal with the increasing numbers of the living-dead, the government decrees that the living must dwell with the dead. Peacefully. Society decrees that the word <> is not politically correct, people call them <> They're like the living: some of them are winners, some of them are losers. Some life impaired are making a good living, others don't. I even have a zombie chairman of a company, but a majority are like bums on the streets. They aren't especially mean except some of them who are really bad...The living use them for a lot of different things: scientific experiments, minimum wage work, sexual fantasies, etc... The main characters of THE ZOMBIES THAT ATE THE WORLD are some kind of <> For a small amount of money they can take care of a resurrected grandfather who smells too bad to keep him at home. Or they can find you a beautiful actress from last century...


Humanoids: Guy, how did you come to work on the project with writer Jerry Frissen and how do you work together? What is the process?

GUY DAVIS: Well, it was pretty straight forward~ I got a call from editor Paul Benjamin asking if I wanted to draw a story for Metal Hurlant (which was the first Zombie story written by Jerry), and at first I thought it would be a one off
story, so I was surprised and happy to be asked back when they decided to make it a continuing serial. Working with Jerry is a pleasure, I keep telling him he's my long lost Beligian/American brother because our brains seem to work
on the same wavelength with what we're wanting to do with the stories~ that's rare to find in a collaboration and I think one of things that makes zombies come off so smoothly.

I get a script from Jerry and go through and make a series of rough layouts and breakdowns to the story along with any character designs. Then once those are approved I got to pencils and then inks, after that it's off to Charlie for the colors~ smooth sailing start to finish.

JERRY FRISSEN: All I can say is Guy Davis is a genius and I'm sure he will find new ways to draw rotten life impaired.


Humanoids: With the unique take on Zombies, in designing their look, what did you find to be the most useful reference? How did this affect your view of the series?

GUY DAVIS: I wanted "Zombies" to have a tongue in cheek look since it's a dark comedy, so I went with a more caricature and comedic look for everything~ that way it didn't have the feeling of taking itself too seriously for the darker parts and played off the comedy better. Karl and Freddy, and pretty much all the character's looks came out of just a series of sketches that started with ideas that came to mind when I read the script. I think the only sort of actual inspiration I looked to was for the look of the zombies themselves, I wanted them to have the feel of the skeletons of Día de los Muertos~ the Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebration. Giving them a sort of innocent look~ creepy but not exactly threatening since I always felt the human characters in Zombies were more the monsters of the stories.

JERRY FRISSEN: Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD & Fulci's ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS were the first two movies I saw in the theatre when I began to go to the movies with my friends. I was probably traumatized because I've had zombies in the back of my mind since those days. From my point of view, they're the ultimate horror, crawling everywhere. They're slow but they're going to get you anyway. Also, the use of zombies in some movies or books was the opportunity to give interesting social commentary. I've never seen that with vampires.

Humanoids: In many projects in both film and comic mediums, creators enjoy putting little tributes or references to people they know or events they¹ve taken part in; since you draw many random Zombies, ever draw an old Girlfriend or boss as a Zombie?

GUY DAVIS: Well, the character of Maggie was based on an old girlfriend and done with affection, although it might not seem like it~ A vague caricature of myself and my fiancée showed up in one story to take a baseball bat to some zombie trespassers, and Fabrice Giger made a zombie cameo as the announcer. Other than that I slip some little in-jokes into the designs now and then for the fun of it~ and I know Jerry has put a lot of tributes into the scripts too, like Freddie's "Blue Demon" wrestling mask.

JERRY FRISSEN: I'm considering Bush, but it may be too scary!


Humanoids: Since Zombies is a regular part of Metal Hurlant, what can readers expect in future episodes?

GUY DAVIS: Lots of hilariously sick and twisted stories from Jerry, and I get to draw Karl in a new hat!

[i]Humanoids: Thank you both for taking the time to chat with us. The Zombies That Ate the World appears in Metal Hurlant #14, featuring a stunning Guy Davis cover. Now available wherever comic books are sold.

ACBD Nominations

Thursday, December 9, 2004


The Association des Critiques et Journalistes de Bandes Dessinées (ACBD), France's professional association of comics critics and journalists, has announced five nominees for the organization's annual prize, as reported by Actua BD. This year's nominees are:

* "L'autre laideur, l'autre folie" by Marc Malès (Humanoïdes Associés)
"Blankets, manteau de neige" by Craig Thompson (Casterman)
"Le Combat ordinaire, les quantités négligeables" by Manu Larcenet (Dargaud)
"Où le regard ne porte pas" by Georges Abolin and Olivier Pont (Dargaud)
"Le tour de valse" by Denis Lapière and Ruben Pellejero (Dupuis)

*To be released May 2005 by Humanoids/DC

This year's ACBD prize winner will be named on December 1, 2004.
INFO: Actua BD

posted by Egon #1 on Monday, November 29, 2004.

Variety Reviews Technopriests Vol. 1

Tuesday, December 7, 2004


From the webblog "Bags and Boards" at!

Reviewed by Tom McLean

"The first wave of books in the new Humanoids-DC Comics alliance is here and it will definitely be a surprise for anyone who's never checked out this material. This is a complex story about a virgin princess who is raped by pirates and gives birth to three children, one favored above all, one she tolerates and a third she torments. She seeks revenge on the pirates and builds a fortune to carry it out. Her middle child, Albino, wants to be a Technopriest and use his imagination to create videogames that will transform the galaxy. He sets out to accomplish this near-impossible goal with the talent of a prodigy. Unlike manga, which is all about kineticism and speed, Euro comics are lush and dense and this is no exception. Jodorowsky, whose body of work is legendary in international comics, packs "Technopriests" full of strange and unusual ideas and an almost-overwhelmingly bleak point of view that emphasizes the cruel and sometimes random nature of life. Aside from Albino and his intelligent rodent companion, Tinigrifi, the characters evoke varying degrees of sympathy and scorn, with most of them having little to no control over the circumstances which dominate their lives. That makes this a far cry from the simple morality of most superhero tales or the cinematic thrills of American indie comics or publishers like Vertigo. The drawback is the content is at times so violent and the outlook so bleak that it's hardly the hopeful sort of story most American comics offer. Janjetov's artwork is, without question, gorgeous. Not only is every panel packed with a detail world that is alternately grotesque, lovely and corrupt, his storytelling and composition never falter. This world feels complete in and of itself and becomes more engrossing as the story progresses. The package itself is worthwhile, and that's the major benefit of the DC-Humanoids relationship. Humanoids previously published in the European format of thin, oversize hardcovers that were too expensive for many American tastes and hard to fit on the bookshelf. Using a more standard trade-paperback size and thickness should make it easier for anyone interested in the material to try it and the reproduction quality of the art and color remains high. Grade: A-"

Variety Reviews The Hollow Grounds/

Tuesday, December 7, 2004


From the webblog "Bags and Boards" at!

Reviewed by Tom McLean

"A trilogy of shorter stories set in a strange world of planets within planets, "The Hollow Grounds" is an absolutely breathtaking and frustrating experience all at the same time. Artist Francois Schuiten is an outstanding artist, whos creates images that are alternately strange, beautiful and erotic, but alwasy convincing. The art is truly the reason to read this volume as the stories take no time out to explain who's who, what's going on and why. Plot and character become secondary to the immersive and seductive world created by the artwork, and it will no doubt polarize people who read comics for different reasons. What material like this brings to the American market is a completely different take on sci-fi and fantasy. Where most sci-fi comics are almost indistinguishable from "Star Wars" or "Star Trek," "The Hollow Grounds" is truly alien and truly entrancing — even if you don't really know what's going on. Grade: B+"

Variety Reviews Townscapes

Tuesday, December 7, 2004


From the webblog "Bags and Boards" at!

Reviewed by Tom McLean

"Enki Bilal is one of the most-admired graphic-novel artists in the world, and Pierre Christin one of the field's top writers. This trilogy of political stories from the 1970s show why they're so highly regarded. Each of the stories in this volume focuses on a struggling town. In the first, a military experiment lifts a small town into the sky, where it floats away with unusual results. The second features a small town that comes up with an unusual way to combat unscrupulous developers. The third, and best, story features a down-on-its-luck industrial town that is rejuvenated through the strange plans of the top industrialist's crippled daughter. The politics in these stories are a far cry from what most American readers will be used to, which makes them more thought-provoking for seeming to go into new territory. The art, as fans of Bilal would expect, is drop-dead gorgeous, full of outstanding detail and texture with no panel spared the artist's utmost attention and effort. That alone makes this book worth a look; that Christin's stories are intelligent and fascinating make the combination a superb, rare treat. Grade: A"


Wednesday, December 1, 2004



"SEEDS OF LOVE" by Adrian A. Cruz & Marc Riou


"OVERDOSE" by D-pi & Jim Macdonald

Humanoids receives two Prix d'Angoulême Awards Noms

Wednesday, January 7, 2004


Los Angeles - January 7, 2004 - The graphic album series Bouncer and Stéphane Clément were nominated for the 2004 Prix d'Angoulême Awards Nominations. Bouncer features art by François Boucq and story by Alexandro Jodorowsky. Stéphane Clément features art and story by Daniel Ceppi. Both books were nominated in a new category, Best Series.

The winners will be announced on January 22, 2004 by the organizers of the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême, France. Humanoids Publishing congratulates François Boucq, Alexandro Jodorowsky, and Daniel Ceppi on their superb work on their respective books.

Bouncer is an epic adventure of the American West turned on its ear and filled with strange characters and situations that could only have originated from the mind of El Topo Director, and Metabarons author, Alexandro Jodorowsky. The artist, François Boucq, has previously been awarded the Grand Prize of the City of Angoulême, which is awarded to a living author, cartoonist or scriptwriter (French or foreign), based on his lifetime's work or his contribution to the development of cartoons. The full-color, 56-page hardcover graphic album for Mature Readers retails for $15.95. Originally released in English in September 2002, the album is available at quality direct market comic book retailers and continues to be available by re-order from Humanoids Publishing.

Stéphane Clément are the chronicles of a contemporary traveler who finds adventure, intrigue, and danger dealing with drug traffickers, terrorists, and smugglers of ancient artifacts around the world. The full-color, series currently consists of eleven 56-page hardcover volumes. It has not yet been released in English.

Fires in LA

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Jodorowsky at the Wacko Soap Plant

Thursday, August 21, 2003


As part of his recent United States visit, Alexandro Jodorowsky made an appearance at Wacko Soap Plant Bookstore and Art Gallery in Los Feliz, California, on July 24, 2003. Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight, Plainclothes Naked) interviewed him about his life and work. The 125 people who showed were not disappointed.

The notable thing about Jodo's fans is that they are all ages. There were people who were young when his first films came out who are now in their fifties and sixties. Young hipsters who discovered his films through endorsement of fans like Peter Gabriel and Marilyn Manson also showed. Mingling among them were comic book fans of all ages.

As Jodorowsky discussed his careeer, its sheer longevity and diversity amazed and inspired the audience: A marionette theater in Chile; writing mimes for and touring with Marcel Marceau; surreal art happenings in Paris; films in Mexico; comics in France and the U.S.; tarot readings all around the world.

When asked to what he attributed his longevity as an artist, he replied that the most important thing was learning how to fail. Once he learned this, he could see the opportunities that could come from his failures. He also is excited about the film he is intends to shoot later in the fall.

Jodorowsky was in high spirits after his reception at Comic Con International and Soap Plant.


Images were graciously provided by one of our fans.

Reviews of Metal Hurlant

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Metal Hurlant brings together the best artists and writers from around the world, providing readers with a truly universal experience. Read what others have to say about this astounding series, then visit your favorite comic shop to pick up your copies. (The back issues are running out fast, and once they're gone, they're gone!)

!! SAVANT: Metal Hurlant 1 (scroll to review; in PDF format)
!! TheFourthRail: Metal Hurlant 1,2,3
!! 4Color: Metal Hurlant 1
!! Continuity Pages: Metal Hurlant 1
!! Comics Worth Reading: Metal Hurlant 1
!! ReutionSF: Metal Hurlant 1
!! Slush Factory: Metal Hurlant 1
!! Bulletproof: Metal Hurlant 2,3
!! Comic World News: Metal Hurlant 3
!! TheFourthRail: Metal Hurlant 4
!! Breakdowns: Metal Hurlant 5
!! TheFourthRail: Metal Hurlant 5
!! TheFourthRail: Metal Hurlant 5
!! Breakdowns: Metal Hurlant: Fragile

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Reviews of Bilal's Books

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Acclaimed as one of Europe's most intriguing authors of the twentieth century, Enki Bilal has produced over twenty books, several of which are now available in English from Humanoids Publishing. Here are some reviews of his graphic albums.

!! Re:mote Induction: Bilal - L'Etat Des Stocks
!! Re:mote Induction: Black Order Brigade
!! ArtBomb: Black Order Brigade
!! SilverBullet: Black Order Brigade
!! ArtBomb: Dormant Beast
!! Breakdowns: Dormant Beast
!! Comics One: Dormant Beast
!! at Indy Magazine: Dormant Beast
!! Re:mote Induction: Dormant Beast
!! ArtBomb: Hunting Party
!! Grovel.Org: Hunting Party
!! NinthArt: Hunting Party

!! Guardian: Memories of Outer Space
!! ArtBomb: Memories of Outer Space

!! ArtBomb: Nikopol

!! NinthArt: Ship of Stone

!! Comic Book Galaxy: Town that Didn't Exist

Interview with Enki Bilal.

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Reviews of Other Books

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


From the past to the future, from mysteries to commentaries, Humanoids Publishing has a graphic album for your tastes! Discover the variety with these reviews.

!! IComics: Ante Genesem 1
!! IComics: Chaland Anthology 1 and 2
!! Movie Poop Shoot: Chaland Anthology vol 1 & 2
!! Breakdowns: Deicide 1
!! TheFourthRail: Deicide 1
!! IComics: Dusk: Poor Tom
!! Re:mote Induction: From Cloud 99 , Memories Part I
!! ArtBomb: From Cloud 99, Memories Part I
!! IComics: From Cloud 99, Memories Part I
!! Comics Worth Reading: From Cloud 99, Memories Part I
!! ArtBomb: From Cloud 99, Memories Part II
!! Sequential Tart: From Cloud 99, Memories Part II
!! IComics: Leo Roa 1
!! IComics: Miss Better Living Through Crime
!! IComics: Morgana Book 1
!! ArtBomb: Nogegon
!! IComics: Nogegon
!! Sequential Tart: Pin-Up (second review)
!! Sequential Tart: Pin-Up Girls from around the World
!! IComics: Sanctum 1 and 2
!! NinthArt: Sanctum 1 and 2
!! IComics: The Book of Jack
!! IComics: Zara

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Reviews of Other Jodo Books

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Jodorowsky is one of Humanoids' most prolific authors. In addition to the Metabarons, Incal, and Bouncer, many other books by this amazing author have been reviewed.

!! ArtBomb: Son of the Gun 1
!! Comic Book Galaxy: Son of the Gun 1
!! IComics: Son of the Gun 1
!! Breakdowns: Son of the Gun 1
!! ArtBomb: Son of the Gun 2

!! ArtBomb: Technopriests 1
!! IComics: Technopriests 1
!! ArtBomb: Technopriests 2
!! ArtBomb: Technopriests 3
!! Goofy: Technopriests, Incal

!! IComics: White Lama
!! ArtBomb: White Lama 1
!! ArtBomb: White Lama 2

!! Reviews of Bouncer
!! Reviews of the Incal
!! Reviews of the Metabarons

!! Interview with Alexandro Jodorowsky
!! Biography of Alexandro Jodorowsky

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Jodorowsky Online

Monday, June 30, 2003

The Web offers plenty of information about and interviews with Jodorowsky. Click on any of the topics below to get the whole story.

Online Interviews

!! "He's incredible . . . some kind of a monster!" - Comic Book/Film interview with Jay Babcock, LA Weekly, January 2004

!! "Your questions give me a mental rash" - Comic book interview with Matt Brady, Newsarama November 2001

!! "You are filled with Violence and Cranberry Muffins" - Comic Book Interview with Zack Smith of Pop Image, January 2002

!! "I don't live in France; I live in myself" - Conversation about his work with FadMag, 1991

!! "Life is not a game; it is a dance. Life is meant for dancing" - Penthouse interview covering his childhood, life as a father, and the making of EL TOPO, June 1973

!! "The Wisdom of Jokes" - Jodorowsky's encounters with Zen Master, Ejo Takato, in Mexico City in the late 1950s

!! The most comprehensive site in English offering links, information and interviews

General Reviews

!! "a rush of creative energy and joy" raves Roger Ebert

!! "a freak-out fest we can all enjoy together... all the elements you need for a successful Halloween party" gushes Joe Bob Goes to the Drive In

!! "Pretentious and boring. I wanted to throw my notebook across the room" pans Hal Hinson of the Washington Post

Reviews of The Metabarons
!! at Art Bomb
!! at Tablet Newspaper
!! at Comic World News
!! about comic issue #11 at Comic International
!! about comic issue #12 at Comic International

Reviews of The Incal
!! at The Fourth Rail
!! at Ninth Art, middle of the page - ranked as a book to look for
!! at Revolution - Science Fiction
!! at Outcast Studios
!! at Cinescape

Reviews of Bouncer
!! Comic Book Resources Pipeline
!! IComics
!! Fourth Rail's Snap Judgements
!! Art Bomb

Once you've read what others have said about Jodorowsky and his work, give us your thoughts on our Discussion Board!

Biography of Alexandro Jodorowsky

Monday, June 30, 2003


Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in Chile in 1929, and achieved his first success with a marionette theater in Santiago.

At the age of 24 he took his puppet theater to Paris, where he also began studying mime with Marcel Marceau. He took up with surrealists, eventually founding the Paris Panic Movement, and staging some of the biggest art happenings the city had ever seen.

In 1965, on a South American tour with Marcel Marceau, Jodorowsky visited Mexico City and wound up staying ten years. During that time he founded and directed plays for the Avant Garde Theater of Mexico. He also created his first films: FANDO AND LIS, EL TOPO and STRANGE MOUNTAIN.

In 1975, he moved to Paris where he was hired to direct Frank Herbert's DUNE. He collected a young group of designers including HR Giger and Moebius, who would turn out to be among the most influential science fiction artists ever.

When the financing fell through for the movie, Jodorowsky and Moebius collaborated on a graphic novel, THE EYES OF THE CAT. They enjoyed their collaboration so much, they launched THE ADVENTURES OF JOHN DIFOOL: THE INCAL, which became one of the best-selling graphic novel series in the world.

Since that time, Jodo has authored over 70 graphic novels, which have sold millions of copies in every language. Collaborating with the best artists in the world, (Boucq, Bess, Moebius, Gimenez), and unconstrained by budget, Jodorowsky was able to explore and realize his unique vision in every genre: Science Fiction (The Incal, The Metabarons, Megalex, Technopriests) Westerns (Bouncer), Tibetan Buddhist Epic (The White Lama), Mexican Violence Fest/Redemption Story (SON OF THE GUN) and more.

During that time, he also directed a handful of movies, most notably, SANTA SANGRE. Released in 1991, the film's shocking and stirring imagery was a reminder that even in an increasingly sanitized media, there were still artists willing to assault, challenge and provoke. He says it's the only movie he still truly loves.

A continuing interest of Jodorowsky life has been the study of tarot. With his insight and sensitivity, he became much sought after for private consultations, and his books on the subject are also bestsellers.

Jodorowsky currently lives in Paris, where he writes graphic novels, gives tarot lectures, and continues to dream.

Reviews of The Incal

Wednesday, May 28, 2003


In the darkly humorous world of the City Shaft described in The Incal Trade Paperback 2, John Difool's first case puts him in the middle of a conspiracy reaching from the posh upper levels to the depths of the vertical city. Will John find the truth and become a full detective, or will love lead him astray?

"(This book is) quite simply one of the most perfect comics ever conceived and probably the most beautiful piece of graphic literature ever drawn...," says Mark Millar of The Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men

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