The Techno-Technos

The Techno-Technos

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The Techno-Technos are originally—alongside the Magnates, the Ekonomats, and the Colonials—one of the four pillars of the Empire. They are one of four clans to have power under the reign of the Emperoress and to be entitled to representation in the Senate. The Techno-Technos are merchants, technicians, scientists, and priests. They possess no less than 40% of the major worlds, and it's a percentage that's on the rise. Their organizational and hierarchical structure is extremely accomplished, and is based on the Holy Industrial Church, which is divided between the Techno-Pope, the Techno-Priests, the Techno-Technos, and, at the very bottom of the totem pole, the Techno-Manos. Their strength lies mainly in their incredible technology, and the role they play in the future will by implication be decisive...

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