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Worlds of Fantasy

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres in the entire world. Practically every culture has some form of fantastical literature littered throughout. Fantasy is deeply rooted in our imaginations, allowing us to dream of impossible things set in far away lands, featuring magic and the supernatural. Fantasy frees us to explore the worlds inside us. After working a long day in the office, who wouldn't want to fly through the mountains on the back of a giant dragon while casting spells?

Graphic novels allow us to experience Fantasy in a unique way that blends our imaginations with the appreciation of art. Being able to actually see someone else's internal visualisations vividly brought to life offers a glimpse into the creator's mind. Sometimes it isn't even the artist's mind we are glimpsing, but the author's. Comic artists are able to skillfully weave the visual worlds of their own imagination together narrative scripts they are given, and we at Humanoids have always prided ourselves on bringing you some of the most fantastic graphic novels possible. This year we've already released the great Fantasy-Adventure title Millennium, which blends fantasy, adventure, crime, and other genres into a story that leaves you yearning for more.

Next up we have two titles that are sure to satiate your imagination. The Swords of Glass (April 29, 2015) from Sylviane Corgiat (Elias The Cursed) and Laura Zuccheri, and Throne of Ice by Alain Paris, featuring the art of Val, Notaro (John Doe, Blood Academy), Saverio Tenuta (Legend of the Scarlet Blades, JLA: Riddle of the Beast). Both are titles that feature expansive worlds, captivating stories, and amazing characters. The Swords of Glass is perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli films (Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away), using decompressed storytelling techniques popularized in most manga stories, surrounded by lush environments and amazing characters in a world threatened by the imminent destruction of the sun. An ancient prophecy is set in motion when a Sword of Glass falls from the sky, sparking an epic journey for the young chosen hero.
Throne of Ice (April 29, 2015) is an grand saga set in Antarctica long before it was a frozen wasteland. Merging Fantasy with speculative ancient history, fans of Game of Thrones will appreciate the story and setting, as Jaemon, the illegitimate infant son of King Abarugon, is marked for death by the first lady of Antarcia. Naturally, things don't go as planned and Jaemon is rescued and set on a course to fulfill his destiny.

All these titles and more can be ordered from your local comic shop, as well as from our own online store.

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