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METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES - Pledge of Anya & Back To Reality - Tonight on Syfy!

Monday, May 12, 2014

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METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES is back with another set of new episodes tonight on Syfy. Beginning at 10PM, followed by a 2nd episode at 10:30PM, viewers will be taken on a journey through the worlds of METAL HURLANT.

Join us each week as we showcase the art and story that inspired each new episode. And see the evolution from comic book pages to live-action television.

Pledge of Anya - (5/12 10PM EDT) A warrior pledges to destroy a demon that may actually be a 6-year old boy.

Available in Metal Hurlant Collection Vol. 1 as "Joshue"


Sneak Peek:

Back To Reality - (5/12 10:30PM EDT) A so-called "dream fixer" helps his wealthy clients transport themselves into new realities and worlds.

Available in Metal Hurlant Collection Vol. 1 as "Reality Check"


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