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Spotlight: The Zombies That Ate the World: Book 3: Houston, We Have a Problem

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Zombies That Ate the World: Book 3: Houston, We Have a Problem
Story by Jerry Frissen, with Art by Jorge Miguel

Everything has gone to hell on Earth in 2069. Not only have the dead risen, but they're now robbing humans to finance their exodus to the moon…
Fortunately, a bastion of humanity stands in their way, Freddy Merckx. Like a particularly good dark chocolate he's rich, strong, ugly, rude, and last, but definitely not least, Belgian!

An action-packed adventure comedy for fans of space opera, zombified prehistoric animals, and insanely violent Belgians with bad dress sense.

Concludes the series created by Jerry Frissen and Guy Davis (B.P.R.D., The Marquis: Inferno) - with newcomer Jorge Miguel taking over the art reins in this last volume - which continues to pay homage to the zombie genre, all the while giving us more of its special brand of hilarious black comedy.

Quick facts about The Zombies That Ate the World: Book 3: Houston, We Have a Problem:

Jerry Frissen is the Eisner-nominated creator of the Lucha Libre universe (Unfabulous Five, The Tikitis), internationally published to great acclaim in the pages of both Image and Humanoids' books. Frissen is currently working on Metabaron (Available in 2016).
Jorge Miguel is a Portuguese comics artist who has also worked in animation and publicity, and for whom The Zombies That Ate The World is his first published comics work in the English language.
• Perfect for fans of The Walking Dead, In the Flesh, anything zombie-related, and horror comedies.

Available below is the desktop wallpaper of The Zombies That Ate the World: Book 3: Houston, We Have a Problem. Click the picture to choose your resolution

The Zombies That Ate the World: Book 3: Houston, We Have a Problem arrives in stores April 29, 2015 with an MSRP of $19.95

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Spotlight: The Swords of Glass

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Swords of Glass

Story by Sylviane Corgiat, with Art by Laura Zuccheri

In a world threatened by the imminent death of its sun, young Yama lives a relatively happy and peaceful life as the daughter of the chief of the village. But everything changes the day a sword of glass falls from the sky, just as the prophecy had announced. Anyone who touches the sword is instantly turned to glass and dies. Orland, the local lord of war, comes to take possession of the unique weapon but fails to retrieve it. In the process, Yama's father is killed and her mother taken away. Yama, however, escapes and survives with only one thought: when she grows up, she will return to get the sword of glass, and avenge her parents.

A spectacular saga full of wondrous creatures and settings written by Sylviane Corgiat (Elias The Cursed) and drawn by award-winning artist Laura Zuccheri.

Quick facts about The Swords of Glass:

• Italian-born Laura Zuccheri has worked as an artist on numerous Italian publications including Ken Parker magazine, The Condemned and Hardware (Sergio Bonelli). She won the The Grand Guinigi Award for Best Art at Lucca Festival for her Swords of Glass work.
Sylviane Corgiat is a prolific French writer who won the Grand Prix du Livre Jeunesse for her YA novel, The Memory Traffickers, and has written for the long-running French cop TV series, Navarro. She has written numerous comic book series including Elias the Cursed (also at Humanoids).
• Includes a bonus material section featuring the series' stunning making-of art.
• Appeals to fans of Studio Ghibli's films (Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro) and epic fantasy.

Available below is the desktop wallpaper of The Swords of Glass. Click the picture to choose your resolution

The Swords of Glass arrives in stores April 29, 2015 with an MSRP of $39.95/£25.99

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Release for 3-25-15

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Next week sees the release of Bouncer: Black Hearts, the next chapter in the Bouncer saga.

Check out pictures of Bouncer: Black Hearts below.



Original Art Stolen

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

These original Metabaron pages have been stolen!


Their creator, Travis Charest, would very much like to recuperate them. Anyone with any information surrounding this matter may contact us at contact@humanoids.com

Reward involved.

Cowboys and Indians!

Monday, March 16, 2015

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The collected first story-arc of Alexandro Jodorowsky and Francois Boucq's stunning Western, Bouncer, has just been released by Lion-Muthu Comics in India, in Tamil!

During the launch party much praise was lavished on this unique and powerful Western, and leading Tamil illustrator and comics expert, Maniam Selvan, raved at length about the quality of the graphic novel! Click here to view the video (Courtesy of SunNetwork).

The Lion-Muthu Comics team even appeared on television to celebrate the release of the book, each with a copy of the Tamil edition of Bouncer in their hands.


The Indian comics scene has recently been expanding rapidly and Humanoids are thrilled and honored to be taking part in this sequential cultural renaissance!

Here's the cover...


Look out for more Bouncer coming to the US and UK later in the year…!

Bouncer: The One Armed Gunslinger is current available in the US with Bouncer: Black Hearts arriving in stores March 25, 2015.

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Millennium - Creature Appendix

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The world of Millennium features may strange creatures you may or may not know. Below we introduce you to several of Millennium's strange inhabitants.

Saracen Ghoul
- Described as an "original" ghoul. Thought to be older than "Islam" with hints of immortality. They have a pig or boar-like appearance, with some sporting tusks.


- Humans that have been infected by other ghouls, via bites or wounds, causing them to transform into a demonic ghoul themselves.



- Agents of the sylph used to manipulate events. Known for having yellow-colored brains. Possibly humans crossbred with sylphs? (No image as to prevent story integrity)

Sylphs - Beings with unparalleled technology and weapons. Slowly orchestrating the events of the millennium.


- Brutish creatures with low intelligence, often killing those who approach them.



- A true monster of the sea. Capable of destroying entire fleets with its suckered-tentacles.


Millennium arrives in stores March 11, 2015 with an MSRP of $39.95/£24.99

Humanoids at London Super Comic Con

Monday, March 9, 2015

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Humanoids are pleased to announce that we will be appearing, for the first time, at the London Super Comic Convention this weekend (14-15 March).

This will be an opportunity for new and old fans alike to pick up all the very latest releases from the Humanoids stand (D229-D230) including: the trade edition of long-awaited conclusion to the Incal series, Final Incal by Alexandro Jodorowsky & Jose Ladrönn; trade edition of Metabarons Genesis: Castaka by Jodorowsky and Das Pastoras; and limited advance copies of April's exquisite manga fantasy epic, Legend of the Scarlet Blades by Saverio Tenuta. Plus there will be a chance to sample Humanoids's forthcoming 2015 titles.

Throughout the weekend there's a special offer of "Buy any book; get a second one half price.*" (*A 50% deduction will be made on the lowest value item) on selected titles.

Not only that, but a there's chance to win an out of print, limited, slipcase edition of Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov and Fred Beltran's The Technopriests, signed by Jodorowsky himself!

Humanoids UK Liaison, Tim Pilcher, will also be reviewing portfolios on both Saturday and Sunday at 2-3pm in the Portfolio Review Area.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Spotlight: Metabarons Genesis: Castaka

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Metabarons Genesis: Castaka
Story by Alexandro Jodorowsky, with Art by Das Pastoras

Before the Metabarons there were the Castakas, a clan of lawless pirates - this is their story.

On a small planet lost on the edges of the galaxy, a war rages between two rival clans, the Castaka, and the Amakura. During a ferocious battle, Queen Castaka is kidnapped and raped by King Amakura. From this brutal inception will be born Dayal, the first ancestor of the Metabarons.

Quick facts about Metabarons Genesis: Castaka:
• Legendary writer and cult director (El Topo, Dance of Reality) Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Incal, Son of the Gun) returns to one of his most popular mythos.
• Artist Das Pastoras is a prolific Spanish creator who has worked on Marvel Comics' Deadpool, Thor, Wolverine and many others.
• Includes a brand new afterword by Jason Aaron, writer of Thor, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Punisher (Marvel), Scalped (Vertigo), and Southern Bastards (Image).

Available below is the desktop wallpaper of Metabarons Genesis: Castaka. Click the picture to choose your resolution

Metabarons Genesis: Castaka arrives in stores March 11, 2015 with an MSRP of $29.95/£19.99

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