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Spotlight: KOMA Softcover

Friday, April 29, 2016

Story by Pierre Wazem, Art by Frederik Peeters

Addidas is a bright and quirky young girl who spends most of her time helping her widowed father in his job as a chimney sweep. When Addidas ventures too far into a chimney, she encounters a bizarre new friend and in the process destabilizes a long-established system. From prolific independent European creators Wazem and Peeters comes a touching and existential story that balances its fantastical elements with poignant and realistic themes.

Quick facts about KOMA:

Pierre Wazem and Frederik Peeters are renowned Swiss graphic novelists who have won multiple European comics industry awards
• Frederik Peeters was nominated for an Eisner in 2009
• Pierre Wazem received the Töpffer Prize in 1998, Frederic Peeters in 2010.
Frederick Peeters autobiographical graphic novel, Blue Pills, received the Polish Jury Prize at the Angoulême International Comics Festival where it was also nominated for Best Book.
Frederik Peeters has received five nominations in the Best Book category at Angoulême. In 2013, he won the Best Series prize for the first two volumes of Aama.
Frederik Peeters won the Premios La Cárcel de Papel in Spain for Best Foreign Comic for Blue Pills.

Available below is the desktop wallpaper of KOMA. Click the picture to choose your resolution.

KOMA arrives in stores May 11, 2016 with an MSRP of $19.95/£13.99

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Releases for 4/27/15

Friday, April 22, 2016

Wednesday sees the arrival of three releases. One new to our catalog (Marshals), one new to hardcover (Elias The Cursed), and a reprint of classic (Before The Incal). All are available for purchase wherever Humanoids titles are carried.

Check out the pictures below.


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Marshals: Pencils to Perfection

Monday, April 18, 2016

Marshals arrives in comic shops on April 27 featuring art from Jean-Florian Tello, Ruiz Velasco, and Tirso. This steampunk style story blends samurai swordplay and police procedural elements into a sci-fi adventure from Denis-Pierre Filippi!

Below are several penciled pages compared to their final page as they appear in the book.  As you can see, even at this stage of design, things such as panel layouts and even characters in a panel can change before a release.


Interview: John DiFool

Friday, April 15, 2016

We sat down for an interview with the famous John DiFool to talk about the release of Before The Incal. At the Red Ring, one of the local bars of the lowest levels of the City-Shaft, we stepped with him into a world of memories past–and rightly so. After all, we wanted him to get a bit nostalgic: these are his roots. After the success of The Incal, John transformed into a completely different person. Once a humble and simple man, he is now a far more complex character.


Can you describe what the success of The Incal was like?

It was really unexpected! At first, when Humanoids got in touch with me and said they wanted to create a comic book based on my life, I thought "why not?" but without getting carried away. And then, as the story goes, the public got hooked. In just a few months, I was a huge star! So, naturally, it opened the doors to nightlife…and I was invited to a lot of insane parties. Drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, all three of them looking for one thing – someone to use them...me–if at all possible.

So that's how your "descent into Hell" started…?

Yeah, I fell into a vicious cycle pretty quickly. You know, when everyone and everything opens its arms wide, it's really hard to resist. So, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, I stopped seeing my friends, even Deepo skipped out. My alter ego slowly became my "normal" ego. More than once, I found myself on Suicide Alley, my two feet on the edge of the parapet, staring down…That was when I said to myself "John, you gotta get a grip on yourself."

That's when you found a way to make sense of your life through humanitarian causes.

Completely. I still had to check off the "detox" box though. Three long, sober years spent on Ohar-Lee-Sheen, the Golden Planet's moon, where all the biggest stars in the galaxy go to rehab. Now, I won't touch a single illegal substance. One day, while watching the news, I stumbled across a special report on mutants. The terrible living conditions of those nearly human beings paralyzed me. I knew I had to do something! So, I got to work and I created a foundation–the DiFool Association For Unrespected Creatures (the D.A.F.U.C.), to champion their cause.

A rarity, indeed, but you were introduced as an Aristo! How and why were you accepted into that caste?

I should first mention that the Aristos today have nothing in common with the old school Aristos, the ones that are described in The Incal for example. War and rebellion has changed the social landscape and classes today are more inclined to mix. Instead of being a true caste with certain privileges like before, "Aristo" has become an honorary title. The halo is more of an award than a privilege.

Do you still see your old friends?

Unfortunately, besides a round of golf here and there in the Tiger Woods 2000 galaxy with Kill Wolfhead, we've all fallen out of touch. I divorced Luz six years ago to start my life over with a model-goddess in a parallel world. Rumor has it she finally succumbed to Gorgo's passes. I wish them all the happiness possible. I also heard that the Metabaron received the Technobel Peace prize. If you see him, tell him I send my congratulations.

What about Deepo?

After our falling out, we didn't ever really patch things up. But I still get news about him! He left Terra 2014 for a newly discovered planet. Apparently, only concrete seagulls inhabit it! You know Deepo. With his extraordinary charisma and eloquence, it was easy to impose himself as its leader. It seems that now he reigns as master over his new people. I'll probably pay him a visit soon, for nostalgia's sake…and with the hope of reviving our old friendship!

The release of Before The Incal this month tells of the beginning of your adventures. How do you feel? Any last words?

Look, I think all good things have a beginning and an end. Before The Incal follows my adventures from the very depths of Terra 2014 up until the beginning of my relationship with Luz. What a story! I've become a legend; I'd say that it's time to take a step back from my life. It's time to turn the page.  When it comes to realizing a masterpiece, the most important thing is having the will to start, and then the ability to finish it. I've done just that. Now, I'm thinking seriously about getting my Biodriver for the Acquisition of Optimal Transport Techniques (B.A.O.T.T.) license so I can go on a solo trip of the galaxy. I don't know what I'm looking for, but I know what I'm looking for is looking for me. We'll end up meeting one another, eventually.

We certainly hope you do. Thanks, John DiFool!

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Marshals: Sketches & Layouts

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Marshals arrives in comic shops on April 27 featuring art from Jean-Florian Tello, Ruiz Velasco, and Tirso. This steampunk style story blends samurai swordplay and police procedural elements into a sci-fi adventure from Denis-Pierre Filippi!

Check out a few sketches and layouts from Marshals below.


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Cape Horn: Black & White

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tomorrow sees the release of a new softcover edition of Cape Horn, which will be released in book stores across the country as well as your friendly local comic shops on Wednesday.

Below are several pages from Cape Horn comparing their uncolored counterparts to the final page as it appears in the book.


Making of Cape Horn

Friday, April 8, 2016

Here are some early sketches and storyboard pages from Enea Riboldi, the artist of the Cape Horn. There is a lot of work done before you get to the beautiful pages you see in the final book! Here is a small sampling of that work.

April 12 sees a new softcover edition of Cape Horn arrive in Book stores and comic shops across the country.


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April Fools: The Incal becomes The Inkle

Friday, April 1, 2016

The following post appeared as part of our "April Fool's Day" prank.  We hope you got a laugh out of it as the pronunciation of "The Incal" is something that is frequently asked. Rest assured we have no plans to change the spelling.



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