Listen to Deadpool/Terminator Tim Miller on the Latest Humanoise Podcast!

Aug 14, 2020


The Humanoise Podcast is devoted to exploring the most progressive voices in science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Director Tim Miller is certainly one of those voices. After working in post-production and gaming through his studio, Blur, the auteur directed the thrilling, irreverent superhero sucker-punch, Deadpool—resurrecting an entire category of R-rated genre cinema. Last year Miller directed the most vital entry in the Terminator mythos in decades—Dark Fate

Last year also witnessed the debut of Miller's sprawling, multimedia masterwork, LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS, a sweeping Netflix series that unites filmmakers across the world in traditional 2D animation, computer generated imagery, and occasional live-action segments (including the Miller-directed "Ice Age," starring Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Miller initially developed LD+R with fellow director David Fincher as a continuation of the animated Heavy Metal film—itself a translation of Humanoids' Metal Hurlant magazine. 

Listen to Humanoids Publisher Mark Waid and Marketing Head Sean Edgar sit down with Miller to discuss his love of comics, what pulp heroism means in 2020, and a hint as to his future projects. 

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