HumaNoise #4: Brian Michael Bendis & The Incal

Oct 01, 2020


Photo by Jeremy Bitterman

The Incal is the top selling sci-fi graphic novel of all time. First published via Metal Hurlant in 1980, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius crafted a genre masterpiece whose surreal beauty is often imitated but never replicated. It presents the tale of an underachieving detective tripping through a layered dystopia filled with metaphysical delight and otherworldly threats. The Incal has inspired not only comic creators, but filmmakers, prose writers, and millions of readers over the globe. 

And Brian Michael Bendis counts himself as one of the inspired. The iconic comics scribe has been actively stretching the boundaries of genre fiction for more than 40 years, including sci-fi runs on Guardians of the Galaxy as well as his current stewardship of Legion of Super-Heroes with artist Ryan Sook. He also penned the introduction to the most recent edition of The Incal, a gorgeous softcover edition celebrating the book's 40th anniversary.  

In the latest episode of HumaNoise, Bendis joins Humanoids publisher Mark Waid to discuss their sprawling careers and how The Incal fueled their respective journeys. Listen on Apple Podcasts or below.