HumaNoise #10: Matt Fraction, Jerry Frissen & Mark Waid Dissect The Metabarons Legacy

Jul 01, 2021 metabarons


Four generations of intergalactic assassins have inspired generations of creators spanning film and comics to literature. Starting in the pages of The Incal in 1980 before assuming their own series in the early 90s through the 00s, The Metabarons have blazed a trail of chaos and vision, stemming from the initial collaboration of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Juan Giménez before writer Jerry Frissen joined artists Valentin Sécher and Niko Henrichon to continue the journeys of No Name—the last Metabaron—in the Second Cycle collection.

For the latest HumaNoise podcast, Frissen joins Humanoids Publisher Mark Waid and very special guest Matt Fraction to unpack the legacy of this sci-fi masterpiece. Fraction is the author of an oeuvre that includes Casanova with Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, Sex Criminals with Chip Zdarsky (both at Image Comics), and (recently nominated for an Eisner Award) Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen with Steve Lieber at DC Comics. He's also a delightful human being who says incredibly intelligent things with startling consistency. You can listen to the Metabarons episode below, or visit Apple Podcasts to listen to other episodes of HumaNoise.