SWINE is the The First Graphic Novel from Veteran TV Writer Tyrone Finch!

Oct 07, 2021 Swine

“By page twenty, it was already one of the best graphic novels I’d read in years. By the end, it was one of my favorites ever. Of all time. For God’s sake, just buy it.” —Gail Simone (Deadpool, Birds of Prey)

SWINE is a darkly comic graphic novel about a wrongly imprisoned man who teams up with his sister-in-law to hunt down the demonic beings that were truly responsible for his wife’s death: Pigs! A high concept dark comedy in the vein of Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright's work, SWINE is the first graphic novel from TV industry writing veteran Tyrone Finch, who is a writer and producer for ABC's STATION 19. SWINE is accompanied by art from Alain Mauricet.


Ellis Rafferty spent seven years in prison after being wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife, Becky. Now released, he seeks to avenge her death. Joining forces with Becky’s sister, Zoey, they hit the road to take on the most pernicious threat in human history: bloodthirsty, cunning, immortal demons originally cast into the bodies of swine—and they are Legion. Ellis and Zoey travel the country to put a stop to the pigs’ murderous rampage, leaving carnage in their wake in this horror story with a dark-comedy cream filling.

Here’s what critics are saying about SWINE:

“Swine delivers a punch on every page. A supernatural road trip beyond Animal Farm driving headlong into the horror of The Island of Dr. Moreau. This is unlike anything you’ve ever read.” —Jimmie Robinson (Wolverine, Bomb Queen)

“A unique horror concept and compelling characters, from a writer/artist team whose work feels so effortless, you’d think they’ve been working together for years. Whether you’re a bacon-eater or a strict vegetarian, Swine will stay with you.” —Stuart Moore (Wolverine Noir, Captain Ginger)

“I’ve seen and done all kinds of fucked-up shit, and I even lived through 2020. None of that prepared me for the delightful WTF contained within Swine. I tip my cap in admiration to the creators, and I hope they don’t get the help they clearly need—so we can have more comics like Swine.” —Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, Savage Avengers, Cable)

“Part horror comedy, part action movie, part Bible story, part ten other things, Swine is smart, breezy, and completely entertaining. Finch and Mauricet give us real characters to care about, and that doesn’t exclude the odd evil pig.” —Tom Peyer (The Wrong Earth, Legion of Super-Heroes)

SWINE is available now online, in bookstores, and at your local comic shop!