Meet the Magical CAT FROM THE KIMONO

Jun 07, 2023 Spotlight


Internationally renowned publisher Humanoids announced today a wonderful and surreal new fairy tale for adults, THE CAT FROM THE KIMONO, about a black cat journeying through a fantastical world where he'll survive impossible odds to make his way home... to his mistress' kimono. From beloved comics creator Nancy Peña (Madame Cat) and translated by Montana Kane, available in October 2023.

Once upon a time in Japan there lived a beautiful young woman. The beloved daughter of a silk mill owner, she was lavished with gorgeous kimonos from across the province but her favorite was a deep crimson robe painted with soft, purring black cats, crafted by the finest weaver in the mill. 

The weaver, besotted with her beauty, professed his love to the maiden but she spurned his advances, preferring the comfort and warmth of her favorite robe. As revenge, the weaver wreaked havoc on the maiden’s kimono, releasing an innocent painted black cat into the world. 


Thus, the black cat began a fantastic voyage, from the murky depths of the ocean to the smokey markets of London, as he attempted to return home, meeting danger and even some familiar historical figures along the way.

Nancy Peña is an author with a very distinctive style, one sure to delight readers. As an artist, her drawings are inspired by engravings, creating whimsically appealing pages. She is an Art Academy teacher in France and has published more than twelve graphic novels, including Médée, The Guild of the Sea, and The New Adventures of Puss in Boots

THE CAT FROM THE KIMONO will be available in bookstores everywhere ( on October 31, 2023 and on November 1, 2023 in comic shops ( Digital copies can be purchased from comiXology and other digital platforms.