Humanoids Digital Solution

Buy and read our graphic novels on the Humanoids iPad app or on the Humanoids website.


Humanoids iPad Application

How does it work?

To buy a book

1. On the Humanoids website, go to the page of any of our digital books and click "BUY / HUMANOIDS".
2. Pay by Credit Card or PayPal. The website will automatically create an account for you if you do not already have one.

Read your book on the iPad

1. Download the app from the App Store Link
2. Open the app, go to the section “My Account” and sign in with your account ID

Read your book on the website

1. Sign in to your account,
2. Go to the section "DIGITAL COMICS" / "YOUR PURCHASES" Link

For any additional help, feel free to contact us here:

Additional information

- when you buy from Humanoids, you get permanent and unlimited access to your digital books,
- for the time being, you can only read your books on the iPad app or the Humanoids website,
- for the time being, you cannot download your books to read them on another application,
- only the iPad app lets your read your books offline. If you plan to use the website to read your digital books, be aware that you need an internet connection.