HUMANOIDS is always ready to read new exciting projects and welcome new talents in our family. 
Please read and follow our guidelines before sending anything: 

1) In order for us to review your project and its potential in one of our imprints (Humanoids Legacy, BiG, Life Drawn, H1), please fill out the Pitch Sheet doc and send to

2) If you're both Writer and Artist, or if an Artist has been attached to the project, we usually ask for the following elements as well: 

- 1 pinup or cover (med to hi resolution)

- 5-10 completed interior pages (med to hi resolution) in PDF format
If you are a Color Artist, please send us a PDF portfolio of your work to

If you are a Writer and don’t have an artist, don’t worry. We got your back. Fill the Pitch Sheet and if we’re interested, we’ll build a creative team around your project. 

3) Be yourself. Don’t try to ape someone’s style (in writing or art). Don’t also start with “I have the perfect pitch for Humanoids”. Our company has published many comics in many genres throughout our rich history. Focus on sending a solid pitch, well written and beautifully drawn. 

4) Please look at our catalog and understand our different imprints before you submit your pitch. 

5) Try not to send us a pitch intended for another publisher (you’d look very bad). 

6) We get a lot of submissions every week. So please be patient. We’ll review and give you a feedback in an average 15 open days. Due to the high volume of pitches we usually get after big events like SDCC or NYCC, it may take more time. 

Looking forward to reading your pitches! 

The Humanoids Editorial Team