A heart warming tale of a young girl who finds her inner potential while combating the realities of a social anxiety disorder.

This original, fast-paced tale catapults us into the seedy underworld of a country whose violent past still echoes into a fractured present. "Prisoners" meets "The Deer Hunter."

A contemporary "Heart of Darkness" recounting one woman's globe-spanning adventures in search of a long-lost brother.

Imprisoned by the thousands in the bowels of an uninhabited
moon, Xinthia's people have been "erased" from history. But she swears she will one day lead them to the sunlight.

Fierce Vikings and mystical Sirens face each other in a neverending battle over their greatest source of life: the sea.

"Some say it's like seeing Bill Gates turn into Che Guevara… But it ain't that simple. Let me explain how it all began…"
-- Sam Timel

A “must have” collection of classic adventures by one of Europe’s most feted cartoonists.

A modern-day spiritual western by the same creative team behind "The White Lama."

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection. A group of young vigilantes roam the streets of Brooklyn solving supernatural crimes.

A final chase between Allied and Nazi submarines...at the dawn of the Cold War.

Acclaimed artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, HAPPY!) joins writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey to bring you the tale of the galaxy’s most dangerous employers: The IPS!

Leopold is just like every other boy in town...except that he can turn himself invisible!