Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen
Digital Comic

Helen Mullane, Dom Reardon, Matthew Dow Smith & Jock

Helen Mullane (Writer)
Dom Reardon (Art)
Matthew Dow Smith (Art)
Jock (Cover)
Mar 10, 2020
Digital Comic
123 pages - Color

Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen
Digital Comic

Helen Mullane, Dom Reardon, Matthew Dow Smith & Jock

Folk horror through the eyes of a modern teen in this atmospheric tale of obsession, suspense and magic.

Something strange has been unleashed in the north of England. A modern-day druid commits a series of ghastly murders in an attempt to unleash the awesome power of the ancient gods of Great Britain. But all hell really breaks loose when his latest would-be victim, Nicnevin “NISSY” Oswald, turns out to be more than she seems.

A British tale mixing black magic and horror, godfathered by Jock, one of the new masters of comic book suspense!

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Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen

Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen


Amalia Levari, Over the Garden Wall, Bravest Warri

"Nissy’s journey treads deftly between the seductive dangers of modern-day adolescence and the beautifully-realized magical realm woven in to her own family history. Both timelines threaten to consume her, and both invite the reader to witness her path, which is powerful and heartfelt in equal measure."

Tula Lotay, All-Star Batman, The Wicked + The Divi

"A truly great horror story that simultaneously conjures images from that golden age of British horror, while presenting a distinct modern slant—which is both timely and very welcome. Compelling, unique, and unmissable."

Emma Ríos, Pretty Deadly, Mirror, I.D.

"What makes Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen so special isn't just how well crafted and ornate it is, but how it seamlessly blends an insidious fairy tale murder mystery with the coming-of-age story of a teenager embracing her emerging identity."

Alan Jones

“Engaging and provocative in a way we haven't seen before."

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