Throne of Ice
Hardcover Trade

Omnibus edition includes all 4 volumes of the series, as well as an afterword.
Alain Paris (Writer)
Val (Art)
Notaro (Art)
Saverio Tenuta (Storyboards)
Christian Højgaard (Cover)
Apr 29, 2015
Hardcover Trade
212 pages - Color
7.9 x 10.8 in
$29.95 - £19.99 - Can$39.99

Throne of Ice
Hardcover Trade

A heroic fantasy epic and rite of passage tale set in a mythical pre-glacial Antarctica.

Antarctica 12,000 years ago — long before it becomes a frozen wasteland — is a thriving territory, divided into the kingdoms of Antarcia, Leng, and Valusia.

When Antarcia's first lady vows to kill Jaemon, the bastard son of King Abarugon, the mysterious Sozer foils the plot and carries the infant to safety. Bearing the mysterious mark of the Atlanteans, Jaemon must unleash his true potential and fulfill both his and the continent’s destinies.

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