New Life
Softcover Trade

Xavier Bétaucourt & Yannick Marchat

Xavier Bétaucourt (Writer)
Yannick Marchat (Art)
Jan 22, 2019
Softcover Trade
128 pages - Color
7.6 x 10.2 in
$17.95 - £14.99 - Can$23.99

New Life
Softcover Trade

Xavier Bétaucourt & Yannick Marchat

An emotional journey through one man's desire for freedom and the discovery of a new life he could never have expected.

With his son grown and his marriage dissolving, Xavier, a 48-year old writer, finds himself deep in the heart of a mid-life crisis. Setting out on his own, he finds emotional freedom and true independence.

When he meets Leah, a young and vibrant artist, he rediscovers the beauty of unexpected love. Together they set out to lead a life of spontaneity and youthful adventure.

When Leah becomes pregnant, Xavier quickly realizes that his life has indeed started over, just not in the way he expected.

Overwhelmed with anxiety, Xavier questions his choices. Can he father a child at this stage of life? Can he and Leah hold onto their passion? He's back at square one.

A romantic tale of unexpected love, second chances and the questions we all must answer when a new life is put in our hands.

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