Young Mozart
Hardcover Trade

William Augel

William Augel (Story & art)
Apr 23, 2019
Hardcover Trade
88 pages - Color
7.8 x 10.5 in
$14.95 - £12.99 - Can$19.99

Young Mozart
Hardcover Trade

William Augel

A tender and playful glimpse at the childhood of the world's greatest musical genius.

For now known as Wolferl, little Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lives only for music—and he already knows how to appreciate it in all its forms, even the most unexpected.

The young virtuoso is looking for—and finding!—inspiration wherever it hides, even in the cries of Nannerl, his sister, or the poop of his dog. He takes lessons from the birds, crickets and frogs, intertwining every note into his great masterpieces.

A charming tale, riddled with good humor and poetry. This book resonates with music lovers of all ages!

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"Children who appreciate music will enjoy this spirited look at an impish young Mozart, and readers of all ages will fall in love with his wonderful combination of wit and insight."

Joanne Pearce Martin, LA Phil

"Wolferi's inspired musical antics spark the reader's imagination. It's a wonderful mix of historically accurate information and humor that brings out the playful child inside of all of us. You'll have so much fun during the journey, you won't realize how much you’ve learned!"

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