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Nov 13, 2018

The return of the greatest warrior in the universe: The Metabaron!

Nov 13, 2018

Colonialism and war disrupted the lives of millions of Vietnamese people during the 20th century. These are their stories.

Nov 06, 2018

“Hollywood icon by day, unsung science genius by night.”

Oct 30, 2018

A quiet, aging teacher decides to run the NY Marathon. Along the way, he transforms into the man he always wanted to be.

Oct 02, 2018

An intimate and humorous autobiography of a boy's quest for identity as he struggles with his heritage and his heroes.

Sep 25, 2018

A satirical autobiography about a young Frenchman and his hilarious, yet poignant, adventures in the heart of Afghanistan.

Sep 18, 2018

This is Marilyn Monroe like you've never seen her before...

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Dec 11, 2018

The return of the greatest warrior in the universe: The Metabaron!

Jan 15, 2019

Diosamante, the beautiful, egotistical queen falls passionately in love with a king. To prove herself worthy, she begins a long journey in search of self-perfection.

Jan 22, 2019

An emotional journey through one man's desire for freedom and the discovery of a new life he could never have expected.

Feb 05, 2019

A series of vignettes on imagination, science, mathematics, and the life of our planet…shared from the perspective of a curious bear and his furry, forest-dwelling friends!

Feb 19, 2019

A New Limited Edition of Sci-Fi masterpiece by Moebius and Jodorowsky about the tribulations of the shabby detective John Difool as he searches for the precious and coveted Incal.

Mar 2019

The duo of Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius lead us on a sensual and poetic journey, creating before us an erotic masterpiece.

Mar 2019

A dark, sensual thriller following the origin of one of the Metabaron's greatest enemies, the Simak!

Mar 2019

The second reference guide to the Jodoverse, focused on unveiling the secrets of the Universe's fiercest warrior clan: the Metabarons.