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Publishers Weekly Reviews The Twilight Man

"A perceptive take, which celebrates and illuminates one of early television’s true artists."


Preview of The Twilight Man

Read the first few pages of the highly reviewed graphic novel biography of the legendary Rod Serling.

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Interview with Meyer author Johnathan Lang

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SDCC 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Waid's Ignited #1 Gets SDCC-Exclusive John Cassaday Variant


Interview with OMNI writer Devin Grayson

'Omni' Interview: Devin Grayson Makes Comics Without Borders


Humanoids Unveils Shared Comic Book Universe at New York Comic Con

The line will launch with three ongoing titles and a diverse lineup of creative talent.
Following the high-profile additions of John Cassaday and Mark Waid, Humanoids unveiled at New York Comic Con Friday afternoon that it will launch H1, a new imprint featuring a shared superhero universe.

Revealed during the Humanoids 20th Anniversary in America panel at the Javits Center, H1 will feature an impressive mix of diverse talents, in terms of experience and outlook, united by talent and the shared universe they’ll create together. Amongst the names mentioned as participating in the H1 imprint are Kwanza Osajyefo, Carla Speed McNeil and Yanick Paquette — the three will, along with Waid and Cassaday, act as the “architects” of the H1 universe — as well as Phil Briones, Afua Richardson, Vanessa Del Rey, Dennis Calero, Shawn Martinbrough, Jock, Mike McKone, Jonathan Lang, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Helen Mullane, Andrea Mutti, Quinton Peeples, Dom Reardon, Darick Roberston and Alberto Albuquerque.

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Come See Twilight Zone with Secret Movie Club!

In honor of the 60th anniversary of The Twilight Zone Secret Movie Club is showing three classic episodes! You will also be able to pick up your own copy of The Twilight Man a graphic novel biography of Rod Serling's life.

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Humanoids Exclusives

Humanoids SDCC 2019 John Cassaday Exclusive Variant.

New York Marathon

Come Meet Sebastien Samson!

Check out the highlights from the book tour with Sebastien Samson creator of Humanoids Life Drawn book "My New York Marathon."   

Sebastien Samson and Amby Burfoot

Sebastien Samson with Boston Marathon winner and author Amby Burfoot at the New York Road Runners Club. Click on the picture below to see the live video of their interview!   

Sebastien Sketches!

Sebastien at Forbbiden Planet

Sebastien sketching at Forbidden Planet in New York.