A fascinating tale of an alternate history of North America as told through a time-spanning Native-American love story.

Writer : Igor Baranko
Art : Igor Baranko
Colorist : Vyacheslav Xenofontov

1 volume released
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Thanks to the North American tribe, the Paiutes, time has been danced backwards and history has been changed. In the world of the “Second Attempt,” the greedy pale-skinned European “demons” never invaded. But one day, a young Lakota warrior named Four-Winds begs the Paiutes to once again change the course of history, to prevent the death of the Pawnee princess he loves. The Paiutes accept, but this temporal upheaval will not be without cosmic repercussions.

From award-winning Ukrainian author Igor Baranko, creator of the ground-breaking, and critically acclaimed, surrealist science- fiction graphic novel, "Jihad."

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Shamanism #1 : The Kiss of the Serpent - Digital Comic

Shamanism #1 : The Kiss of the Serpent - Digital Comic

Oct 2014
Collection : Legacy
Digital Comic
48 pages - Color
EAN 9781594653797

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publication in 3 volumes - completed work

Igor Baranko (Story & art)
Vyacheslav Xenofontov (Colorist)