Toast the Sci-Fi Dystopia of SPACE BASTARDS with this Custom Cocktail List

You're going to need all the liquid courage you can get in the Intergalactic Postal Service!


Remembering Richard Corben

Why the founding Métal Hurlant creator and genre trailblazer revolutionized comics.


The Humanoids Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of transgressive comics this holiday. We have you covered, rain or snow.


HumaNoise #5: Director Richard Stanley (The Color Out of Space) on Horror Comics and Sci-Fi Roots

One of the veteran pioneers in genre storytelling hops on the phone with Mark Waid & Sean Edgar to dive into the art of terror.


Humanoids Trick or Treat Week #4: Read The Magical Twins & The Loving Dead For Free!

These Genre-Bending Tales That Bring Wonder, Zombies...and Romance?


We're Sorry, But You Are *Not* Ready for Space Bastards

The new comic from The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson, Joe Aubrey, and Eric Peterson debuts on January 13, 2021.



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The Twilight Man

Follow Hollywood revolutionary Rod Serling's rise to fame in the Golden Age of Television, and his descent into his own personal Twilight Zone

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The Incal

The Sci-Fi masterpiece by Moebius and Jodorowsky about the tribulations of the shabby detective John Difool as he searches for the precious and coveted Incal.

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Luisa: Now and Then

At 32, Luisa encounters her 15-year-old self in this sentimental and bold story about self-acceptance and sexuality.

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The Metabarons

A grand scale space opera about family, sacrifice, and survival told within an immense universe, both in scope and originality.

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Hedy Lamarr: An Incredible Life

Hollywood icon by day, unsung science genius by night. The biography of a genius inventor who happened to be “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”.

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