Juan Giménez: 1943-2020

We say goodbye to legendary creator behind The Metabarons, The Fourth Power, and Leo Roa.

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Read For Free Week 3: The Metabarons, Strangelands, and Brüssli

Venture from the mundane to the extraordinary with this week's batch of complimentary book—an iconic sci-fi saga, a globe hopping romance, and an all-ages fantasy.  

As part of Humanoids' weekly delivery of free comics, we're excited to deliver one of our most ferocious, transcendent works of science-fiction excellence in the history of the genre: The Metabarons, from the legendary duo of Alejandro Jodorowsky and artist Juan Gimenez. Beginning from a character introduced in The Incal and fueled many of the ideas and designs Jodorowksy incubated as the director of a failed Dune cinematic adaptation, The Metabarons is a cosmic saga carved into steel with blood. The initial eight-volume saga details legacy of interstellar near-immortal assassins. This debut entry — Othon & Honorata —introduces  Metabaron Othon Von Salza and the violent birthright that follows. For more on The Metabarons, click here.

Our other free offerings include the first two issues of Strangelands—the character-driven thriller romance from Darcie Little Badger, Magdalene Visaggio, and artist Guillermo Sanna. Adam and Elakshi probably wouldn't spend every waking moment together—except untold destruction would be unleashed if they left each other's side. 

Brüssli, from the minds of writer Jean-Louis Fonteneau and artist, tells the story of the titular boy... who may not be a boy at all. Set in 19th century Europe, this gorgeously-illustrated, vibrant adventure will enthrall readers who are fans of the golden age of animation and whimsical adventures packed with talking wolves, rabbits, and robotic dragons. 

If you enjoy the read, you can find further volumes at comic book stores across the nation. Go to comicshoplocator.com to find the comics store nearest to you!

The Metabarons

Strangelands #1

Strangelands #2

Praise for Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen, out now!

"A disturbing coming-of-age horror story perfect for these complicated digital age times.”—SYFY WIRE

“A fantastic gothic horror, fairytale-esque story."—WICKED HORROR

"A quintessentially English horror story with a powerful concoction of influences.—GROVEL

"“A contemporary folk horror tale rich in atmosphere and feeling…. Impressive.”—WYRD DAZE

"A moody slice of folk horror that peels away the skin of modern Britain to reveal its wild and bloody heart.”—ANDY DIGGLE (LOSERS)

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Mark Waid Named Publisher

Industry veteran Mark Waid has been named the new publisher, overseeing creative, editorial, marketing and sales as well as making new inroads with retailers and librarians.

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The highly anticipated, numbered, limited edition, two-volume box set of THE METABARONS is on sale now! Print run limited to only 1500 copies, get yours before they're gone!

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Now out! the highly anticipated graphic novel biography of Rod Serling

"A perceptive take, which celebrates and illuminates one of early television’s true artists." – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“TWILIGHT MAN pulls back the curtain on Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling.” – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"It's a unique take on the lasting work of a complicated man who found his greatest success when coding the messages of his socially conscious narratives into 'a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.'" - JOE DANTE



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