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Privacy policy

Your privacy is very important to Humanoids.

When you visit the site, data is collected by Google Analytics to assess visitor, traffic and page performance.
This data is anonymous and the last 3 numbers of your IP address are cut off so as to ensure anonymity.

When playing Youtube videos embedded in the site, the user must first agree to authorize Youtube to install a cookie. This cookie allows Youtube to improve both their service and the user's experience. Youtube’s privacy policy is available here. If you consented to the installation of Youtube’s cookie on our site but wish to revoke your consent, click here.

When you register for our newsletter, an account with your email address is created. This account is used to manage your registration and statistics relating to the performance of the newsletter (open, click, cancel). The amount of time this data is stored is either unlimited, if you view the newsletters we send out, or automatically deleted after 12 months if we don’t record any activity.

In order for us to send out newsletters, your email is sent to MAILJET, a company that specializes in email marketing. MAILJET’s data management rules appear on this page.

When you order an item, your full billing and shipping address, as well as your order history, are recorded. The amount of time this data is stored is determined by the applicable legal retention period. Once this deadline has passed, the corresponding data will be erased, provided that they are no longer necessary for providing ongoing services such as access to digital books.

The data specific to the financial transaction are communicated to PAYPAL, the company that actually makes the transaction. You can access their privacy policy here. This data is not sent to our servers.

Delivery-specific data may be provided to various shipping companies. By placing an order, you consent to the transmission of this information, due to its unavoidable necessity.

Changing or canceling your account
You can change or cancel your account at any time and delete the statistics created for it.

To log in to your account, you can:
- go to LOG IN and enter your username and password if you know them
- or click on the LOG IN link at the bottom of our newsletters
- or click on LOG IN, then on "I forgot my password" to receive an automatic link sent to your email address

Once you’re logged in, you can edit all your information from your account page: name, address, email, and newsletter preferences.
You can also cancel your account.

If you cancel your account, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

You can also send an email to to:
- ask whether your email address and associated data are registered in our database
- if so, request a copy of the data collected
- request that all data be deleted

However, in the event you decide to cancel your account after ordering an item from our shop, the data specifically related to the order shall be stored for the duration of the legal retention period.

Thank you for trusting us with your privacy.