Humanoids is an international graphic novel publishing house and film and TV production company, with offices in Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo. Its graphic novel catalog, created in 1974 and rich with hundreds of properties in various genres, includes the works of world-class creators such as Mœbius, and is considered as one of the most prestigious in the world. Humanoids' headquarters are located in Hollywood, CA, in an area on the rise with lots of amenities (including public transportation).


Position Scope: An exempt position under the general direction of the Director of Publishing Operations, responsible for designing and assisting in the Production and Art Direction of graphic presentations for Humanoids and its products, including, but not limited to, logos, graphic novels and comic books, merchandise, marketing materials that support the company’s marketing/advertising presence, as well as multi-media related presentations.

Essential Duties: Process Design Work Order requests submitted by Production, Marketing and other departments, including Editorial, Sales, and Media. Work submitted includes, but is not limited to:

  • Graphic Novel and Comic Book design pages, cover, and layout design
  • Assets for Crowdfunding campaigns, including product mock-ups
  • Sales Sheets and distribution solicitation material (i.e. mock covers, seasonal presentations, pages for DCD’s PREVIEWS catalogs)
  • Social media, website, and newsletter graphics
  • Web banner ads and Website skins for ad networks
  • Animated gifs and short form video content
  • Amazon A+ content
  • 360 turnarounds and additional images for 3-D products
  • Landing pages
  • Gift guides, teaching guides, and other campaign-specific content (i.e. one-page reading guides, Universe/Series spreads, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous advertisements and promotional pieces
  • Keynote and PowerPoint presentations
  • Miscellaneous print projects (Logos, book design, catalogs, presentations, graphics for promotional items etc.)
  • Production:
  • Pre-Press Production
  • Prepare files for print using all appropriate Adobe Suite software
  • Color Correction — ability to Modify color profiles to meet both editorial preference and third-party printer standards
  • Create vector graphics for comic books: sound effects, dialogue, and logo graphics
  • Generate PDF proofs for feedback and approval using company-specific pre-sets and profiles
  • Quality Control
  • Work with Production Department on proper file set-up and procedures
  • Attend concept, review, admin, planning and scheduling meetings when requested
  • Additional Duties:
  • Participate in compiling and updating of company style guide
  • Supervise work of Freelance Designers, related contractors, and Production/Design assistants
  • Participate in marketing meetings (i.e. cover meetings)
  • Departmental server filing


  • This position must be able to:Execute assigned design and production jobs in a timely manner and on schedule
  • Communicate closely with Senior Art Director, Operations/Production head, Marketing Department, and other departments as needed on design direction
  • Create visual concepts that match the content and direction requested but also adhere to the company's style guidelines
  • Have a firm understanding of best practices for the creation of social media images including sizes, formats, and text-to-image ratios
  • Have a high degree of problem-solving abilities when collaborating with manufacturing department on editorial and author notes
  • Identify areas of need in Design-related processes and suggest solutions to optimize workflow
  • Work overtime when requested to meet deadlines
  • Education, Experience and Skills Required:
  • 5+ years of experience in design, particularly book design and marketing design
  • A solid working knowledge and interest in the graphic novel and comic book industry and production process
  • Advanced knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite on a Mac platform
  • Creativity, originality, willingness to experiment, learn, grow and share knowledge with the broader design and production team
  • Ability to work effectively in a collaborative and intimate team-setting
  • Ability to multitask
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and time management skills
  • Have a keen eye for recent trends in digital marketing design, particularly in online retailing, crowdfunding, and direct to consumer platforms
  • Must have firm understanding with design and file set-up for print and digital media (including banner ads, email blasts, site skins, social media graphics)
  • Background and education in typography and design aesthetics
  • Knowledge of design styles, both historic and current

To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and portfolio to