Enid Balám

Enid Balám

Enid currently lives in México city and has his Master's in Artistic Production at the Autonomous University (MaPA) of the State of Morelos, México.

His graphic work mostly explores the idea of the future, presenting us with the perception of a fore-coming age of ruins, the morning after the great disaster: the end of humanity as we know it.

In this obsession to inquire about cataclysm, Enid offers us visions of a conglomerate world, a melting pot of cultures located on a planet in misery; his drawings describe a Third World futurism. 

Before becoming a full artist, developing his skills as penciller and inker, Enid worked as a colorist for Delcourt. In 2018, he finished his first graphic novel as an author, Someday Comes Paradise, commissioned by an L.A. private studio. 

Currently he is working for Delcourt and Humanoids.