Jerrold Brown

Jerrold Brown

Jerrold was born in New York. Quite quickly, he moved to Los Angeles and established himself as a screenwriter.

In 1994, he wrote the screenplay for the television series "Midnight Runaround".

In 2000, he wrote the scripts for two big budget films: "Romeo must die", with Jet Li, and "Shanghai Noon", with Jackie Chan.

In 2004, he worked on the film adaptation of the "Lobo" series, published by DC Comics.

He 2006, he made his very first entry into the world of comics by signing, with Paul Alexander, the screenplay for "Métal", a new series published by Humanoïdes Associés, and drawn by Butch Guice. A space opera that will operate in the line of "Meta-Barons" or "Technopères".