Saverio Tenuta

Saverio Tenuta

Born in Italy in 1969, Saverio Tenuta graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1992, as well as in Comics from the International School of Comics in Rome. The following year, he began working as a graphic designer in advertising. His first comic strips were short stories and covers for various Italian publishers.

In 1996, he began collaborating with several American publishers: he painted a cover of Ash for Event and another of Conan the Cruel for SQP... He also published Dolls, a one-shot written by Lorenzo Bartoli, for Sirius in the USA and Comic Art in Italy.

After collaborating with Phoenix, an Italian publishing house, on various albums, such as Laida Odius and Les cauchemars technologiques, he published Cold Graze, risvegli di ghiaccio ("Ice awakenings"), his first graphic novel, written by Otto Gabos.

In 2001, he drew a few plates for DC Comics' Justice League of America tome "Riddle of the beast," based on a script by Alan Grant.

Thanks to a series of painted short stories (Human Contacts, Light, Carpe Diem, Smoke, Tamous, Lessons of Ethics), Saverio became a regular guest in the pages of Heavy Metal, which honored him with a special 80-page issue devoted to Morrigan, published by Sirius in the USA and Magic Press in Italy. He also published an art-book entitled Elegia, published by Heavy Metal.

In 2006, Humanoids published the first part of a three-volume medieval Japanese adventure: Legends of the Pierced Veil: The Scarlet Blades. Tenuta's spellbinding graphic design weaves a saga marked by beauty and tragedy, imbued with the magic of medieval Japan and Japanese legends. He expanded the Legends universe in 2014 with Izuna, which Tenuta wrote while Carita Lupatelli took over drawing duties, and later The Mask of Fudo for which he returned to illustration. 

Alongside his comic book projects, Saverio Tenuta continued to teach courses as part of the Daishō studio he founded in 2011.

He died on August 3, 2023 at the age of 54. His talent and poetry have left their mark on the world of comics, and his kindness on all those who came into contact with him.