The Empire

The Empire

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Made up of four main pillars, the Techno-Technos, the Magnates, the Ekonomats, and the Colonials, the Empire is without question the most powerful force in the universe. Indeed, it owns almost all major worlds, as well as some of the minor and distant worlds, which nobody cares much about anyway. The secret of its strength lies in a highly defined and organized hierarchy, ably supported by the Industrial Holy Church. The four houses do not get along with each other and would be utterly incapable of forging the slightest alliance, even though such a partnership would mean victory over the central power. The Empire is the embodiment of the strongest and most expansive power there is, and it is highly unlikely that the handful of psychotic anarchists trying to stir things up in the slums of the big cities would manage to change the status quo anytime soon.

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